Ty Lue to Become One of Richest NBA Coaches with New Extension

Sources say Ty Lue has signed a new contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, extending his stay until the 2028/2029 season and making him one of the highest-paid coaches in the NBA.

Securing Ty Lue’s Future

Lawrence Frank and Steve Ballmer worked hard for months to finalize this deal. Negotiations with his agent Andy Miller took time, but sources confirm it’s now done.

The Clippers confirmed they had been discussing a deal but didn’t share details. One thing is clear: Lue wanted to stay in California and keep coaching the team.

“This is where I want to be,” Lue said. “I’ve loved coaching this team for four years and look forward to a new era at Intuit Dome. Thanks to Steve, Lawrence, and everyone here for this chance. With our ownership, front office, roster, staff, and arena, we have everything we need to win now and in the future.”

Stability Amidst Uncertainty

Lue’s new contract brings some stability as the Clippers face roster changes this summer. After winning an NBA title with Cleveland in 2016, he’s become one of basketball’s top coaches.

“T Lue is everything we want in a head coach,” Frank said. “He’s smart, leads naturally, and connects well with players and staff. We felt lucky hiring him four years ago and still do today.”

Though he hasn’t won a championship with the Clippers yet, he led them to their first Western Conference finals three years ago despite many injuries to star players like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Sometimes I wonder how different things would be if their stars stayed healthy more often.

Future Plans for Stars

Next year looks promising as they move into Intuit Dome. Despite an early playoff exit last season, they showed potential moments of brilliance.

Lawrence Frank says they’re working on keeping Paul George and James Harden close to Kawhi Leonard to build around them.

George has a player option worth $48.8 million next year but could become a free agent; Harden will be an unrestricted free agent soon after that decision hinges on what happens with George first

“We’d like Paul and James back,” Frank said last week. “We’re hopeful but respect their choices as free agents.”

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