Thunder GM Sam Presti Addresses Chet Holmgren’s Playing Time for Next Season

‣ Chet Holmgren missed his rookie season with the Oklahoma City Thunder due to a foot injury but has had a year to recover and prepare for the upcoming season.
‣ The Thunder’s general manager, Sam Presti, wants to be cautious and not rush into determining Holmgren’s playing time until they see how he responds.
‣ The Thunder have a young and exciting roster and aim to continue growing gradually rather than cashing in for immediate success.


Chet Holmgren, the second overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, unfortunately missed his rookie season with the Oklahoma City Thunder due to a foot injury. However, he has had ample time to recover and prepare for the upcoming 2023/24 campaign. Holmgren showcased his skills in the Summer League, impressing both fans and the coaching staff.

According to GM Sam Presti, the team does not want to rush Holmgren’s playing time and will wait to see how he responds before determining his role. “We have to see how he responds, and then we can play it from there,” Presti said in a recent press conference.

During the Summer League, Holmgren played in four matches and averaged 16.5 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 3.5 blocks. This performance demonstrated his readiness to contribute to the Thunder’s young roster.

Another notable addition to the Thunder is Vasilije Micic, a former EuroLeague star who signed a three-year deal in July. Presti believes Micic’s skills and knowledge of the game will benefit the team. “The NBA is very favorable to skilled players who know how to play… There’s no fixed mindset of what he can or can’t do. We’ll see if he has some good combinations with us,” Presti stated.

In regards to Victor Oladipo’s contract situation, Presti acknowledged that it doesn’t make sense to retain him. The Thunder’s front office wants to maintain a slow and gradual growth towards the top of the league, understanding the potential challenges of high expectations.

Overall, the Thunder possesses one of the most exciting young rosters in the NBA and has the potential to rise to the top of the league. However, the team’s front office remains level-headed and focused on gradual growth. With 35 draft selections in the next seven years, including 15 first-round picks, the Thunder has a promising future ahead. Presti emphasized the importance of gathering more information and assessing the team’s capabilities before making any major decisions.

In an interview, Presti compared the team’s situation to buying paint for a house you haven’t purchased yet. He emphasized the need to understand the team’s style and limitations before making any assumptions. The Thunder’s cautious approach reflects their commitment to long-term success rather than settling for mediocrity.

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