Shaquille O’Neal Reveals NBA Mount Rushmore of Rivals

Do you see that photo above? Shaq once said some of the players in it were the biggest jerks he ever faced on an NBA court.

Shaq, known for his dominance, often dealt with opponents who’d do anything to throw him off his game. He spent 20 years playing for six different teams and faced many legends like LeBron and Michael Jordan.

Shaq’s Podcast Revelation:

Earlier this month, Shaq talked about the biggest jerks he played against on his podcast with JJ Redick. His list included Gary Payton, Kevin Garnett, Alonzo Mourning, and Antoine Walker.

“Gary Payton was an a**hole,” Shaq said about his former teammate in Los Angeles. “He’d talk trash about my guards’ families.”

Next was Kevin Garnett. “Kevin Garnett was an a**hole too,” Shaq noted. “He did the same thing.”

Alonzo Mourning also made the list because he “always tried to be mean,” despite winning a championship together in Miami.

Finally, Antoine Walker: “Antoine Walker was an a**hole. He talked a lot.”

Kevin Garnett on Kobe Bryant:

Last year, Kevin Garnett told Stephen A. Smith that Kobe Bryant was “the biggest a**hole” he ever met in basketball. This shows how complex people can be in sports.

“He wanted it so bad,” KG explained about Kobe’s drive to win at all costs.

I think it’s amazing how competitive athletes can be.

“I told Jayson Tatum this,” KG recalled, “your favorite player was probably the biggest a**hole I’ve ever met.” Despite this harsh label, KG respected Kobe even more for it.

“And I loved him for it,” KG added emotionally. “I miss Kobe every day.”

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