Scottie Pippen Concedes Michael Jordan as Ultimate GOAT Amid Feud

‣ Scottie Pippen, despite his criticisms of how the Bulls dynasty was portrayed in *The Last Dance* docuseries and his past disputes with Michael Jordan, acknowledged Jordan as the greatest basketball player ever during an interview in Australia.

‣ Pippen criticized *The Last Dance* for glorifying Michael Jordan without giving enough credit to his teammates, highlighting the team’s collective effort and success during their 90s dynasty.

‣ Despite his criticisms, Pippen also praised *The Last Dance* as an educational tool that showcased the greatness of basketball and the importance of team play, especially during the pandemic when people were looking for entertainment and inspiration.


Ever since “The Last Dance” hit our screens, the buzz hasn’t died down. Especially among those Bulls legends. Scottie Pippen, in particular, didn’t mince words. He was vocal about how Michael Jordan’s story overshadowed the collective effort. Claimed MJ couldn’t have shone without the team.

Despite the beef, Pippen acknowledged Jordan’s unmatched legacy in a chat down under. He’s there promoting the “No Bull” Tour with Horace Grant and Luc Longley. Quite the trio, eh?

During an interview on Australia’s “Today Show,” Karl Stefanovic went for it. Asked if MJ was the G.O.A.T. from Pippen’s courtside view.

Pippen’s response? Swift and sure. “Oh, for sure,” he said. He pointed out Jordan’s MVPs, but stressed the team’s success was key. “Obviously, someone’s gonna bring those accolades home. But yeah, he was the greatest player, definitely, in basketball,” he elaborated.

Remember last year? Pippen stirred the pot by calling LeBron James “the greatest statistical guy to ever play the game.” That was on a podcast in May. He praised LeBron but left the G.O.A.T debate open. “Our game’s a team game,” he reminded everyone.

Pippen even threw shade at Jordan’s pre-Bulls days. Called him a “terrible player” on that same podcast. “He was horrible to play with,” Pippen recalled. But once they gelled as a team, their victories made people forget MJ’s solo act.

Down in Australia, Pippen found some kind words for “The Last Dance.” He admitted it was entertaining and educational. Said it showcased basketball’s greatness and the essence of team play. “I thought it was special,” he admitted. It seems he saw it as a chance to relive basketball’s golden era and educate fans during the pandemic.

However, Pippen’s main gripe? The series made it look like Jordan single-handedly led the Bulls’ 90s dynasty. He expressed frustration in a 2021 memoir, feeling the team’s efforts were sidelined. “They glorified Michael Jordan while not giving nearly enough praise to me and my proud teammates,” he penned.

Pippen also pointed fingers at the production. Claimed MJ had too much control over the final cut. “The doc couldn’t have been released otherwise,” he argued. Seems he felt the narrative was skewed, making Jordan both the star and the storyteller.

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