Raptors Sign Kelly Olynyk to $26.25 Million Contract Extension for Two Years

– ‣ The Toronto Raptors and Kelly Olynyk agreed to a two-year, $26.25 million contract extension, ensuring his stay through the 2025-26 season with annual raises of 5%.
– ‣ Olynyk is one of six NBA players this season to shoot 39% on 3-pointers and 60% on 2-point field goals, showcasing his efficiency and versatility on the court.
– ‣ Throughout his career, Olynyk has played for several teams, including the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons, and Utah Jazz, before joining the Raptors, highlighting his journey across the league and his role as a valuable player in the NBA.


Big news out of Toronto! The Raptors and Kelly Olynyk just shook hands on a shiny new two-year contract worth a cool $26.25 million. Jeff Schwartz, the agent pulling the strings from Excel Sports, spilled the beans on Monday. And guess what? Olynyk, now 32, had until June 30 to ink this deal.

So, what’s the scoop with this extension? It’s stretching all the way to the 2025-26 season. Plus, it’s packing the max 5% annual raises the rules allow. That’s according to the hoops whisperer, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Remember when Olynyk was part of that Utah Jazz trade deal back in February? Well, the Raptors were eyeing the 11-year vet to beef up their frontcourt alongside Jakob Poeltl. They had their sights set on this extension from the get-go.

Let’s talk odds. According to several NBA betting sites, the Raptors are sitting pretty with the 12th-shortest odds to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. But hey, don’t count out the Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets just yet. They’re showing some promising numbers too.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact tweeted by Bobby Marks: Olynyk got traded to Toronto in February. He had the green light to extend up until June 30 for two more seasons. The first year? It’s a 5% bump from his current 2023-24 salary – that’s the max allowed. We’re talking $12,804,878 for 2024-25 and $13,445,122 for 2025-26.

Now, Olynyk is no stranger to the game. The Ontario native is wrapping up a three-year, $37.19 million deal he signed with the Detroit Pistons back in August 2021. This season, he’s pocketing $12.19 million and is set to rake in as much as $13.44 million in 2025-26.

On the court, Olynyk’s been making waves. Through 59 games, including eight starts, he’s averaging 8.3 points and 4.9 rebounds. Not to mention, he’s dishing out a career-high 4.2 assists and clocking 20.4 minutes per game. And get this – he’s hitting a career-best 54.2% from the field and 39.8% from downtown.

Remember that game on Dec. 21, when Utah took down Detroit 119-111? Olynyk was on fire, scoring a season-high 27 points, grabbing three rebounds, and handing out six assists. Plus, he snagged four steals in 34 minutes of play.

Here’s a nugget for you: Olynyk is one of only six NBA players nailing 39% on 3-pointers and 60% on 2-point field goals this season. That’s according to the brainiacs over at ESPN Stats & Information research.

And there’s more. The former Utah star is ranked 19th in defensive box plus/minus (1.7) and 17th in offensive rating (128) this season. He’s also snagging the 19th spot in steal percentage (2%).

In a quirky turn, Jazz coach Will Hardy likened NBA training camp to *The Hunger Games* during a news conference in September. When asked about his team’s Katniss Everdeens, Hardy had one name: Kelly Olynyk. “Kelly has a way of fitting in with everybody,” Hardy told *The Salt Lake Tribune*. But would Olynyk have what it takes to win it all? “Yeah, but you don’t think that when he walks in,” the coach mused.

Drafted 13th overall by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2013 NBA Draft out of Gonzaga University, Olynyk was immediately traded to the Boston Celtics. The 6-foot-11 big man spent his first four seasons with the Celtics before stints with the Miami Heat, Houston Rockets, Pistons, and Jazz.

And hey, don’t miss this: The Raptors are hosting the New Orleans Pelicans this Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. ET. It’s gonna be a showdown you won’t want to miss.

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