Pelicans Coach Willie Green on Injured Trey Murphy Missing Start of Season

‣ The Pelicans had high hopes for a fresh start with a healthy roster in the 2023/24 season, but Trey Murphy III’s injury will cause him to miss at least the first month of NBA action.
‣ Coach Willie Green focuses on what he can control and sees injuries as opportunities for other players to step up and create new opportunities for the team.
‣ With Murphy out, the Pelicans need other players to improve their shooting precision, as they ranked as the 29th worst team in three-point efficiency last season.


The upcoming 2023/24 season was supposed to be a fresh start for the Pelicans, with a healthy roster and the potential for success. However, injuries have already struck the team, with Trey Murphy III set to miss at least the first month of NBA action. Coach Willie Green understands the frustration of dealing with injuries but wants to focus on the opportunities it presents for other players to step up.

When discussing Murphy’s injury, Coach Green expressed his disappointment, highlighting Murphy’s talent and dedication. He revealed that Murphy suffered a torn meniscus during offseason training but emphasized that it’s not a career-ending injury and hopes to have him back later in the season. Despite Murphy’s absence, Green is grateful to have stars Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram healthy for training camp.

While the team’s top scorers are in good shape, Green acknowledges the need for other players to improve their shooting efficiency. Last season, the Pelicans ranked as the second-worst team in three-point efficiency, and with Murphy out, other players will have to step up. Green mentioned C.J. McCollum, Brandon Ingram, and Naji Marshall as players who can contribute in this area, as well as newcomer Jordan Hawkins, an elite shooter from UConn.

Overall, the Pelicans face the challenge of starting the season without Trey Murphy III, but Coach Green remains optimistic about the opportunities it presents. With the team’s focus on defense and improvements in shooting, they aim to compete with any team in the NBA.

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