Paul Pierce Likely to Join Skip Bayless on Undisputed

‣ Paul Pierce is being considered as the best candidate to join FS1’s *Undisputed* in a contributor role, potentially signing a deal to co-host with Skip Bayless as the show seeks to regain its one-on-one dynamic lost since Shannon Sharpe’s departure.

‣ Pierce, a 10-time All-Star with the Celtics and Hall of Famer, has previous experience in sports analysis and is known for his strong opinions, despite a controversial exit from ESPN in 2021 due to a video of him smoking marijuana and playing poker.

‣ The departure of Shannon Sharpe from *Undisputed* last summer was marked by a tense breakup, with social media speculation about deteriorating relations and jealousy between Sharpe and Bayless, leading to a significant loss for the show as per Fox Sports Radio host Chris Broussard.


Just as the NBA season’s getting spicy, and the playoffs are knocking on the door, guess who’s name’s buzzing around? Yep, Paul Pierce. He’s being eyed for FS1’s *Undisputed*. Word on the street is, the ink hasn’t dried on the deal yet. But, hey, it might just happen any day now.

Ever since Shannon Sharpe bid adieu last year, things have been kinda lopsided on the show. It’s turned into more of a Skip Bayless monologue, with guest stars dropping in for a chat. But, let’s be real, the spicy back-and-forth? Missing in action this season.

The hot seat’s seen a few butts, from Richard Sherman to Rachel Nichols, and Michael Irvin. Keyshawn Johnson’s been the mainstay, though. Pierce? He’s been busy with his own gig, the *Ticket & The Truth* podcast, alongside Kevin Garnett. And boy, does he have opinions.

Oh, and there’s this tweet floating around. “Paul Pierce is teaming up with Skip Bayless on Undisputed,” says @nypost. The internet’s buzzing, folks.

Pierce, the Celtics legend and a 10-time All-Star, has already graced *Undisputed* twice last fall. Not one to shy away from controversy, he got the boot from ESPN in 2021. Why? A video surfaced of him, well, enjoying life – poker and pot included. “I got fired for having some fun,” he quipped, two years post-firing.

The man’s a die-hard Boston fan, always chipping in his two cents on their game. Recently, he dished on why Jayson Tatum’s on fire. It’s all about the mindset, he says. “It ain’t about his game… It’s your mental.”

Oh, and remember the Shannon Sharpe saga last summer? Social media was ablaze with speculations on his exit. He even liked a tweet suggesting jealousy might’ve soured the bromance with Bayless.

“Their relationship got progressively worse,” the tweet spilled the tea. Seems like Skip couldn’t handle Shannon shining on his own. And the air shots? Ouch.

Colleagues at Fox were gobsmacked by Sharpe’s departure. The rumor mill suggested a tiff over show topics was the last straw. “I’m stunned,” admitted Chris Broussard from Fox Sport Radio’s *The Odd Couple*. Seems like the dynamic duo couldn’t find a way to coexist after all.

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