Paul George Discusses Clippers’ Struggle to Find Identity After Recent Losses

‣ Despite sitting fourth in the Western Conference, the LA Clippers have experienced instability this NBA season, with a record of 8-10 following a successful early February road trip and losing four out of their last five games.

‣ The team’s morale is low, with players like Paul George acknowledging that the Clippers lack a clear identity and consistency, which is crucial for establishing a successful team dynamic.

‣ Coach Tyronn Lue recognizes that talent alone is not enough for winning games; the team needs to establish a playing culture and improve in several areas, including defense transition, offensive rebounding, and ball handling, to turn their season around.


Despite their position in the Western Conference, the Clippers are riding a rollercoaster this NBA season. It’s like they’ve morphed into a completely different team. Remember February? They were on fire during one of their most successful road trips. But now, they’re 8-10 since then, losing four of their last five games.

This Sunday evening was a tough one for the LA squad. They really seemed to have lost their spark, falling 110 to 93 at the Arena. And that was against a Hawks team missing Trae Young. At one point, the Clippers trailed by a whopping 29 points.

Kawhi Leonard had something to say about it. “It’s between the ears with us,” he remarked, reflecting on the Clippers’ current 42-25 record. “We got to go out and do it.”

Then there’s this tweet from SLAM, quoting Paul George. “The Pacers Don’t Have An Identity and Lack Toughness.” It seems to echo the sentiment around the Clippers’ camp lately.

Paul George is pretty upfront about the team’s issues. He believes they’re missing a clear identity on the court. “I mean that’s what we’re appearing to look like, which is not good,” George said. He’s always stressed the importance of having an identity. Right now? They’re lacking one.

Not too long ago, the Clippers were on top of their game. December and January saw them go 26-5. It seemed like trading for James Harden was a stroke of genius. But injuries have hit them hard. Russell Westbrook has been out with a broken left hand for over a month.

Even with Leonard scoring 28 points against Atlanta, the lack of identity was palpable. “Just seeing what we want to do,” he said postgame. “That’s it. What type of team we want to be.”

Coach Tyronn Lue is feeling the heat too. After playing six games in nine days, he noticed a significant drop in energy and inspiration. Lue knows talent alone won’t cut it; the team needs to build a solid playing culture.

“When they do it, it works,” Lue observed. He pointed out that while the team has talent, it needs to be harnessed for the team’s overall success. Lue also listed areas for improvement: defense transition, offensive rebounding, and ball handling. He even wondered aloud if he might be part of the problem.

“Maybe it’s me. Maybe I got to do something a little different,” Lue mused. Yet, he remains optimistic. “I’ll never really overreact because I know we’re a good team … If you want to win, I know what it looks like. I’ve been there, I’ve seen it.”

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