Nikola Jokic Supports Luka Doncic for MVP, Calls Him League’s Best

‣ Nikola Jokic endorses Luka Doncic for the MVP award, stating he deserves it “100 percent” after their teams faced off, highlighting the strong performances and sportsmanship between the two European stars.

‣ Luka Doncic’s impressive season statistics are highlighted, with an average of 34.4 points, 9.7 assists, and 9.0 rebounds per game, underscoring his significant impact on the Dallas Mavericks‘ performance.

‣ The article discusses the potential of Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic playing together in the future, with Jokic expressing openness to the idea, showcasing the strong friendship and mutual respect between the two players.


Oh, the MVP race this season? It’s like choosing the best flavor at an ice cream shop where every flavor is your favorite. But, Nikola Jokic, that giant of a man from Serbia, reckons it’s Luka Doncic’s turn to shine. Yeah, after a nail-biter of a game where the Mavericks edged out the Nuggets, Jokic was all praises for his buddy Luka.

“I think he deserves the MVP, 100 percent,” he said. But then, with a shrug, “It’s not my decision, to be honest.” Classic Jokic, right? Humble to the core.

Meanwhile, Luka? He wasn’t dwelling on MVP chants. Nope. He was all about the team’s win. “It’s a really big win,” he admitted. Facing the Nuggets, last year’s champs, and coming out on top? Huge.

Oh, and Twitter? It’s buzzing. “Nikola Jokic says it: Luka Doncic has to be the MVP of this NBA season ,” echoes across the social media platform. Fans and pundits are all weighing in.

Luka’s been nothing short of spectacular, putting up numbers that make your head spin. Averaging 34.4 points, 9.7 assists, and 9.0 rebounds? That’s video game stuff, right there. The Mavs’ record with him on the court speaks volumes.

And then there’s that game. That 107-105 victory over the Nuggets. Kyrie Irving’s buzzer-beater? Pure magic. It’s got everyone asking, “Who’s the most talented in the league?” Stephen A. Smith thinks it’s Kyrie and Luka, for their sheer unpredictability.

Smith’s take? “When those two get rolling, you can’t stop them.” It’s hard to argue with that.

Now, here’s a twist. Last month, Jokic flirted with the idea of teaming up with Luka in Denver. Imagine that duo. It’s like peanut butter met jelly and decided to conquer the world of sandwiches.

Their bromance was the talk of the All-Star Weekend. Side by side, sharing laughs and possibly dreaming of what could be. Jokic, ever the diplomat, teased, “If Luka gets pissed off in Dallas, he can come.”

So, what do you think? MVP debates aside, the thought of Jokic and Doncic tearing it up together is enough to make any NBA fan giddy. Or terrified, depending on your team allegiance. Ah, the beauty of basketball, where dreams and drama collide on the hardwood.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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