Nikola Jokic Achieves Third Consecutive Triple-Double, Dominates Warriors Again

– ‣ Nikola Jokic has been instrumental for the Denver Nuggets, recording his 18th triple-double of the season and contributing significantly to the team’s success, including a victory over Golden State.
– ‣ The Denver Nuggets have shown resilience and improvement, bouncing back from three consecutive losses before the All-Star Break to secure three wins post-break, highlighting the team’s ability to navigate through ups and downs in the season.
– ‣ Despite Golden State Warriors‘ efforts and Klay Thompson’s notable performance, the team struggled with offensive organization according to Coach Steve Kerr, which contributed to their defeat against the Nuggets.


Nikola Jokic, huh? That guy’s back on his monstrous streak, terrorizing the courts like it’s Halloween all year round. This season? He’s already bagged 18 triple-doubles. Just this Sunday, he nailed his third consecutive one, helping his team, the Nuggets, snatch a victory from Golden State’s grasp. After a bit of a slump before the All-Star Break, losing three games, they’ve bounced back hard. Now, they’re riding a 3-0 wave post-break, and Jokic? He’s all smiles.

In their latest showdown, Jokic wasn’t just a passerby. Nope. He was the star, shining bright on both ends of the floor. Picture this: 32 points, 16 rebounds, and 16 assists against the Warriors. And the result? A solid 119-103 win that had Denver fans on cloud nine.

Postgame, Jokic dropped some wisdom. “We had three losses before All-Star break, now we have three wins. It’s how the game is, a game of runs.” He’s talking about the ups and downs, the rollercoaster ride that is the NBA season. “You want a longer good period than bad,” he said, hinting at the team’s aim for consistency. “I think we are just going in the right direction. That is the most important thing.” Wise words from a giant of a man.

Oh, and did you catch his tweet? “Nikola Jokic shot 13 for 24 on the way to his 122nd career regular-season triple-double.” The man’s a machine, I tell ya.

Last time they faced the Bay Area team? January 4. Jokic pulled a rabbit out of his hat, nailing a long-range shot from downtown, securing a win by a mere 3 points. This Sunday? He was at it again, sinking 13 of 24 shots, marking his 122nd career triple-double. The man’s not just playing; he’s making history.

Coach Michael Malone’s got something to say too. Beating Golden State four times this season? That’s not just a win; that’s a statement. And Malone? He’s over the moon with his team’s dedication, especially after the All-Star Break.

Malone shared some insights. “For the first quarter and a half, they had us on our heels,” he admitted. But then, something clicked. The Nuggets flipped the script, turning from the hunted to the hunters. “We became the aggressor on both ends,” Malone said, proud of the shift in dynamics. That’s when the Nuggets shine brightest, after all.

Denver’s dynamic duo, Jamal Murray and Aaron Gordon, didn’t just show up; they showed off. Murray with 27 points and Gordon adding 17, leading their team to victory over the San Francisco squad. That’s seven wins in a row against them, and ten out of their last eleven games. Talk about being on a roll.

Over in the Warriors’ camp, things were a bit… off. Coach Steve Kerr pointed out the lack of “organization offensively,” which threw them off their rhythm. Klay Thompson did explode with 23 points in the first half, but Stephen Curry? He missed his first seven attempts from downtown. “We needed to get better organized offensively,” Kerr lamented, acknowledging the disruption to their flow.

Jokic, ever the sportsman, tipped his hat to the Warriors. “They’ve been playing great basketball lately,” he acknowledged. But snagging this win? For the defending champs, it’s more than just a victory; it’s a statement. “It’s a good win for us,” Jokic said, underlining the significance of overcoming a formidable foe.

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