Nets Owner Joe Tsai Promises Team Rebuild with Long-Term Approach

The Brooklyn Nets have learned the hard way about chasing quick success by signing big-name players.

Reflecting on Past Mistakes:

Even though they had a star trio with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden, their time together in New York was short-lived. They only managed to reach the second round of the playoffs in 2021 before losing to the Bucks. After that, each superstar moved on to new opportunities.

A New Direction for the Nets:

Following another disappointing season, team owner Joe Tsai has decided it’s time for a change. He wants to focus on building a lasting winning culture. “I want to build a winning mentality and culture that’s sustainable,” he said at J.P. Morgan’s Global China Summit in Shanghai last week.

Tsai emphasized that aiming for immediate wins can jeopardize future success by trading away valuable assets. Instead, he prefers a long-term strategy for sustainable growth. When asked about his role as an NBA owner, Tsai made it clear he doesn’t want to be the face of the franchise: “Don’t become the face of the franchise because it’s not about you.”

I think this is a smart move.

Fans care more about players than owners, according to Tsai. He believes owning a sports team means working for the fans and keeping their interests at heart.

Focusing on Young Talent:

This season showed significant changes in how Brooklyn manages its team and basketball philosophy. The Nets relied heavily on their rookies instead of blockbuster trades or signings.

Jalen Wilson’s journey is noteworthy; initially expected to play mostly in the G League, he ended up participating in over half of Brooklyn’s regular-season games. Reflecting on his rookie year, Wilson said playing so many games was eye-opening compared to college seasons where 30-35 games were typical: “Like almost every single other day.”

Noah Clowney also received praise from his coach for his late-season performance: “[Clowney] had a great end of the season showing what he can do in real NBA minutes.”

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