NBA legend Gilbert Arenas on Zion Williamson’s MVP race potential

– New Orleans has high hopes for Zion Williamson to perform well and stay healthy this season.
– Ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas believes that Zion has the potential to win the MVP award if the Pelicans perform well as a team.
– Despite a season-ending injury last year, Zion has returned to the court and showed promise in his first game back.


The upcoming season is filled with hope and anticipation for New Orleans as they place all their faith in Zion Williamson. The city not only expects him to reach his basketball potential but also wants him to stay healthy throughout the campaign. In the past, Williamson has shown glimpses of his incredible capacity and has led the Pelicans to some of their best runs in history.

Ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas shares this optimism and even believes that Williamson has what it takes to win the MVP award this season. On his own podcast, Arenas expressed his confidence in the young star’s potential. However, he also emphasizes the importance of a strong Pelicans squad alongside Williamson. According to Arenas, “He’s going to be in the MVP race if they’re winning.”

The Pelicans were having a successful season until Williamson suffered a season-ending injury on January 2. Despite losing their biggest star, they still managed to make it to the postseason but ultimately fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Arenas believes that Williamson must approach his NBA career with discipline and a serious schedule, treating it like a “9 to 5” day job. This means prioritizing his health and taking necessary precautions to ensure he lasts the entire season.

Williamson recently made his much-anticipated return to the basketball court for the Pelicans’ preseason opener against the Orlando Magic. In just 16 minutes of play, he showcased his unstoppable skills with 12 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists. CJ McCollum, an opposing player, praised Williamson’s performance and expressed confidence that he will continue to figure things out and be successful on the court.

Teammates and fans alike are thrilled to see Williamson back in action. His return is not only a positive step towards having their best players on the court consistently but also an opportunity for fans to witness the hard work he has put in during the offseason. NBA insider Will Guillory also revealed that there have been positive reports about Williamson’s dedication to preparing his body for a grueling season, suggesting that he will enter with a chip on his shoulder.

The stage is set for Zion Williamson to make a lasting impact this season, and all eyes will be on him as he strives to fulfill the high expectations placed upon him. With the support of a solid team and a focused mindset, he has the potential to not only reach MVP-level performance but also lead the Pelicans to even greater success.

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