NBA Committee Aims to Boost Defender Freedom Amid Scoring Dip Post-All-Star Game

– ‣ The NBA competition committee, consisting of league and team executives, owners, players, and the NBA players union, met to discuss empowering defenses and potentially allowing more physicality in the game.
– ‣ The committee is using the offseason to strategize on implementing changes to allow more defensive freedom in response to concerns from various stakeholders about the current offensive explosion in the league.
– ‣ NBA Commissioner Adam Silver emphasized that the league seeks competitive games rather than just high-scoring ones, acknowledging the skill level of players has significantly increased, contributing to the rise in game scores.


Well, it seems the NBA’s latest offensive fireworks show isn’t exactly bringing joy to everyone in the league. They’ve clocked that defense needs a bit of love too. In a recent pow-wow, the NBA competition committee started brainstorming on how to give defenses a leg up.

Shams Charania spilled the beans. On Tuesday, a mix of execs, owners, and players got together. They chewed over how to bring more balance to the game, thinking about letting defenses get a tad more physical.

And then, there’s this tweet that caught my eye. It’s shouting about the league wanting to dial down the scoring frenzy. “Let’s get physical,” it seems to say, echoing the committee’s Tuesday musings.

In the coming months, they’re planning to cook up some strategies. The goal? To weave more defensive freedom into the fabric of next season. It’s a hot topic, with players and stakeholders buzzing about it on calls.

Flashback to earlier this year, Marc Stein dropped a hint. The defensive dilemma had already been on the table in January. Joe Dumars, from the NBA’s high command, admitted they were probing if the offensive bonanza had gone overboard.

“We’re knee-deep in data and film,” Dumars confessed to ESPN. But, he was quick to add, they’re not about to flip the script based on a hunch.

This week, the NBA made it clear. Refs haven’t been told to change their stripes, despite the scoring dip post-All-Star break.

Adam Silver threw in his two cents last month. He reckons scoring’s gone up not just because of rule tweaks but because today’s players are just that good. The game’s evolved, becoming as much a spectacle as a sport. The proof? The scoreboard’s been lighting up like a Christmas tree, with averages soaring to heights not seen since the ’70s.

And then there’s the sheer spectacle of scoring feats in recent times. Four players have hit the 70+ point mark in just two seasons. Silver’s keen to point out, though, it’s not just about racking up points. It’s the quality of play that’s got him excited.

Take the recent All-Star Game as a case in point. It smashed records with its point tally, showcasing the kind of talent that’s flooding into the NBA. According to Silver, it’s this global talent pool, capable of shooting the lights out, that’s pushing the scoring envelope.

So, there you have it. A mix of looking back and gazing forward, with a dash of stats and a sprinkle of star power. The NBA’s on a mission to balance the scales, without dimming the dazzle of its stars.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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