Nathan Barrett, RJ Barrett’s Brother, Dies Unexpectedly; Raptors Grant Personal Leave

‣ The Raptors have granted RJ Barrett a personal leave due to the sudden death of his younger brother Nathan, marking the second consecutive match he will miss because of personal issues.

‣ Former coach Chris Stewart, who coached both RJ and Nathan Barrett in the Mississauga Monarchs, shared the news of Nathan’s passing on Instagram, highlighting the strong bond he had with Nathan and the impact of his loss on the basketball community.

‣ Both the Raptors and Canada basketball released a statement from the Barrett family expressing profound sadness and requesting privacy as they mourn Nathan’s death, describing him as a God-fearing, strong-character young man who aspired to become a pilot.


The Raptors have done something pretty heavy. They’ve given RJ Barrett some time off. Why? His younger brother, Nathan, just died. It’s a shocker, really. RJ’s sitting out his second game now, dealing with it all.

Chris Stewart, their old coach, broke the news. He used to coach the Barrett boys back in Mississauga. Late Thursday, he drops this bomb on Instagram about Nathan. “March 12, we lost Nathan,” he said. It’s like lightning striking twice for him.

Nathan wasn’t around long, just a Grade 7 stint before he jetted off to Florida. But he was one of the guys whenever he swung back to Mississauga. That’s what Stewart remembers.

Then there’s this tweet from Daily Loud. “Nathan Barrett has passed away .” It hit Twitter on March 15, 2024. Just like that, the news is out there.

Stewart had a soft spot for Nathan. Last summer, they caught up. Nathan was all grown, talking excitedly about becoming a pilot. Stewart’s got this thing – once you’re on his team, you’re family forever.

Stewart’s message hits hard. “This family’s all about basketball. Keep them in your prayers. No parent should bury their kid. Hug your kids extra today. RIP Nathan.”

Nathan, RJ’s only brother, loved basketball. But flying was his dream. His death? A total mystery. Unexpected and just like that, he was gone.

His Instagram was private. But his bio? It spoke volumes. Jeremiah 29:11, “Aspiring Pilot,” flags of Canada and Jamaica, and “Toronto/Miami.” That was Nathan.

Then, the Raptors and Canada basketball spoke up. They shared the Barrett family’s grief. The internet was buzzing by Thursday night. The family’s statement was everywhere.

“We’re heartbroken,” the statement began. “Nathan Tyler Barrett left us on March 12. Surrounded by love, but it’s a devastating loss.”

The family’s statement didn’t hold back. “Nathan was everything good. God-fearing, strong, kind, loving, and so much more.” They’re asking for space. For time to grieve this unimaginable loss. “He’s forever in our hearts,” they said, closing their message.

And just like that, a family’s world is turned upside down. A community mourns. And in the midst of it all, a young man’s dreams of flight are remembered.

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James Shotwell
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