Michigan Dismisses Coach Juwan Howard Following 8-24 Season

– ‣ The University of Michigan has terminated Juwan Howard’s position as the men’s basketball head coach following a notably poor season with an 8-24 record, marking one of the program’s worst performances in six decades.
– ‣ Howard, who had a five-year tenure with Michigan, achieved significant accolades including AP Coach of the Year and Big Ten Coach of the Year in 2021, but faced a dramatic downturn in the team’s success in the latest season.
– ‣ Allegations emerged accusing Howard of creating a “culture of fear” within the men’s basketball program, including a specific incident where he was reported to have threatened and physically intimidated a player, contributing to the decision for his dismissal.


So, here’s the scoop. The University of Michigan made a big move. They’ve let go of their men’s basketball head coach, Juwan Howard. Yep, after a season that, let’s just say, didn’t meet expectations. We’re talking an 8-24 record. Ouch.

This wasn’t just any season. It was, frankly, a bit of a disaster. The Wolverines managed only eight wins. That’s their lowest in nearly six decades. Imagine that.

And here’s a kicker. They finished last in the Big Ten. Hasn’t happened since the late ’60s. Plus, their winning percentage? A dismal .250. Tied for second-worst in their history.

The end of the season was brutal. Michigan lost nine straight games. That includes a face-off with Penn State in the Big Ten tournament. Not the way you want to wrap things up.

Then, there was this tweet. BREAKING NEWS: “A leadership change in basketball,” says U-M’s Director of Athletics, Warde Manuel. Juwan Howard won’t be returning next season. Talk about shaking things up.

Warde Manuel made it official. After a thorough review, he decided it was time for a change. Juwan Howard, despite being a beloved Wolverine, wouldn’t return as coach.

Manuel praised Howard’s dedication and the positive impact he had on the students. But, he was clear. The program wasn’t meeting expectations. Not trending in the right direction.

Howard’s tenure at Michigan? A mixed bag. He finished with an 87-72 record. Not too shabby, but perhaps not what Michigan hoped for. And now, there’s talk of a $3 million buyout.

Howard took over in 2019, stepping in for John Beilein. His first year showed promise. The team had a 19-12 record. They were on track for the NCAA tournament, but then COVID-19 hit.

But let’s not forget the highs. In 2021, Howard snagged the AP Coach of the Year and Big Ten Coach of the Year awards. Quite the achievement.

He led Michigan to its first No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament since ’93. They also clinched their first Big Ten regular-season title in years. Not too shabby, right?

Then, there was the Elite Eight run. Michigan made it pretty far before UCLA knocked them out. Just a two-point loss. Heartbreaking.

Howard’s health took a hit too. He underwent heart surgery, missing the season’s start. He was back by December, but the team only managed two more wins.

But wait, there’s more drama. Howard was accused of creating a “culture of fear.” This came from Michigan’s strength and conditioning coach, Jon Sanderson.

A bombshell report dropped. Sanderson’s attorney sent a scathing email to the athletic director. It painted a grim picture of the program under Howard.

Allegations flew. Howard supposedly threatened to “slap the s—t” out of his son, Jett Howard, during practice. There were claims of Howard “manhandling” Jett on the court.

The letter called out “troubling issues” and an “intolerable environment” for staff and students. Quite the storm brewing in Michigan’s basketball program, huh?

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