Luka Doncic Praises Celtics as NBA’s Best Team Before Finals

After the Mavericks clinched their spot in the NBA Finals by defeating the Timberwolves, Luka Doncic shared his thoughts on this big opportunity.

The reporter asked Luka what he thought about facing Boston and what came to mind. Luka showed respect for his opponents.

“They’re the best team in the NBA. They had by far the best record,” he said. “They have some incredible weapons on offense and defense, so we’re gonna have to play really hard and amazing basketball to beat them.”

Team Dynamics:

The Mavericks’ success is largely due to Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, who have been phenomenal throughout the playoffs.

Boston’s coach Joe Mazzulla doubts there’s a way to stop them completely. As Game 1 approaches, he commented that focusing only on stopping Luka and Kyrie misses the bigger picture.

“The whole thing is that’s what people like to focus on,” Joe said. “They don’t look at your offense, your defense, your turnovers, your second-chance points or your execution at the offensive end.”

We think it’s important not just to defend but also play a complete game.

Joe added, “There’s defending them at a high level and there’s playing a complete game because every part of a game is connected.”

Boston’s Strategy:

Derrick White echoed his coach’s sentiments about facing Dallas’ star duo.

“We know they’re great players,” Derrick said. “There’s really no stopping them. You just try to make it difficult for them.”

Luka averaged 32.4 points with 8.4 assists per game in their last series while Kyrie added 27 points per game; both were clutch performers night after night

“There’s going to be stretches where they hit three, four, five tough shots in a row,” Derrick continued, “but you’ve just got to continue trusting our gameplan.”

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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