Luka Doncic Blames Himself for Game 2 Loss Despite Triple-Double

Despite scoring 32 points, grabbing 11 rebounds, and dishing out 11 assists in Game 2 at TD Garden, Luka Doncic blamed himself for the Mavericks’ loss to the Celtics, who won 105-98.

Luka felt his turnovers and missed free throws were crucial mistakes. “I think my turnovers and my missed free throws cost us the game,” he said. Despite joining legends like Charles Barkley, LeBron James, and Jerry West as one of the few players to record a 30-point triple-double in a Finals loss, Luka was hard on himself.

Postgame Reflections:

After the game, Luka emphasized that he needs to improve. “So I’ve got to do way better in those two categories,” he insisted. He also mentioned that making shots is essential for winning games.

However, Kyrie Irving has also struggled during this NBA Finals series. He needs to take more shots if the Mavericks hope to bounce back from their current 0-2 deficit against a Celtics team that hasn’t lost in a month.

Kyrie scored just 16 points on 7-of-18 shooting this weekend. This was his second consecutive game with fewer points than field goal attempts. In contrast, he had scored over 30 points in three of their four wins against the Wolves earlier.

Now he’s averaging only 15 points on 37.1% shooting in the Finals. “He’s not alone,” Kyrie said about Luka’s feelings of responsibility. “I would take the brunt of the responsibility.”

We all have our off days; it’s part of being human.

Kyrie admitted that many of his shots were hitting the back rim and expressed frustration but acknowledged it’s part of basketball’s ups and downs: “That could piss you off as a competitor.”

Coach Jason Kidd’s Perspective:

Despite underperforming lately, coach Jason Kidd didn’t criticize Irving harshly but suggested they need some luck too.

Both Dallas stars started strong in Game 2 with a combined total of 21 first-quarter points but eventually cooled off under pressure from Jrue Holiday and Jaylen Brown.

“A little disappointed in myself not being able to convert more opportunities,” Kyrie said about facing Holiday and Brown multiple times during plays where he felt he had an edge but failed to score.

According to stats from his career so far during these playoffs compared with previous series performances—where Irving shot better—it shows how unpredictable sports can be sometimes!

“He had great looks,” Coach Kidd commented about Kyrie’s performance.”They just didn’t go down… Sometimes you make them; sometimes you don’t.”

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