Luka Doncic Aims to Resolve Chemistry Problems with Kyrie Irving in Mavericks’ Training Camp

‣ Lack of time to build chemistry between Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving
‣ Doncic and Irving have the summer and preseason to bond and coexist better
‣ Doncic is still seeking a more precise diagnosis for his thigh injury


In the previous season, Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving’s partnership fell short of expectations due to the lack of time to build chemistry together on the court. The Mavericks missed out on the playoffs as both players dealt with injuries and could only share the court in 16 games. However, as they enter a new season, Luka is confident that they now have enough time to bond and improve their gameplay. He acknowledges that it takes time to create chemistry, especially on the field, but believes things will get better.

Despite their limited time together, when Doncic and Irving played on the court, they showed promise. The team averaged over 119 points per 100 possessions during those games. However, Dallas struggled in the latter part of the regular season, losing 18 out of their last 25 matches. Coach Jason Kidd recognizes the need for patience in developing their relationship and believes that with the right pieces in place, they can coexist and perform at a high level.

Doncic understands the importance of leading by example for the rest of the team. He emphasizes that both he and Irving, as leaders, must set the tone and that everyone on the team must contribute and support each other. As for Doncic’s injury, he is still awaiting a more precise diagnosis, but both he and Coach Kidd seem unconcerned about it, expressing confidence in his abilities and focusing on getting him close to 100% before the start of the season.

The Mavericks are headed for a unique preseason schedule, with a 12-day trip to Abu Dhabi and a series of matches against the Timberwolves and Real Madrid, Doncic’s former team. Coach Kidd plans to make the most of their training time before the trip and is determined to prepare the team as best as possible. While there are challenges ahead, the Mavericks are optimistic about the upcoming season and the potential of their improved chemistry between Doncic and Irving.

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