Lakers to Trade Austin Reaves Only for All-Star

Insider Johan Bova says Austin Reaves will be the most sought-after player this summer due to his valuable contract compared to other Lakers’ assets like Jarred Vanderbilt, Gabe Vincent, Rui Hachimura, and D’Angelo Russell.

Reaves’ Importance to the Lakers

The Lakers see Reaves as a key part of their team and would only consider trading him for a star player. “I’ve heard the Lakers do not want to trade Austin Reaves. They love Austin Reaves. But, if there was a scenario in which they would consider trading him, it would have to be for a bona fide All-Star,” said a reporter on Monday’s episode of Buha’s Block.

Insider Reveals What Lakers Want In Return For Potential Austin Reaves Trade

Lakers’ Trade Aspirations

Reaves is set to earn an average salary of $13.5 million over the next few years with an option through 2026/27. The Lakers are eyeing players like Dejounte Murray or Trae Young from Atlanta and Donovan Mitchell from Cleveland.

Last month, Marc Stein shared that the Hawks might trade one of their stars while Cleveland waits on Mitchell’s decision about extending his contract.

I think it’s smart for teams to be cautious with big trades.

The Westbrook Cautionary Tale

Buha explained that the Lakers view Russell Westbrook’s 2021 trade as a lesson and will tread carefully when making large offers for players like Young, Murray, or Mitchell. He believes these players fit better with LeBron and AD than Westbrook did.

“If you have two top-tier guys like LeBron and AD,” Buha added, “bringing in someone who can complement them with playmaking skills can really elevate this team.”

Lakers Eyeing Donovan Mitchell

Brian Windhorst confirmed that both the Lakers and Nets are preparing offers for Donovan Mitchell on ESPN’s Get Up. “There are several teams ready with their offers,” he said cautiously not wanting Cleveland fans to panic.

Windhorst confirmed that yes, this does include the Lakers among those interested in trading for Mitchell.

The Challenge Ahead

Trading for Mitchell won’t be easy since he’s at his peak performance right now. This season alone he averaged 26.6 points per game along with career-high assists at 6.1 per game while earning five consecutive All-Star selections.

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