Lakers Target UConn’s Dan Hurley as Head Coach

The Lakers are on the hunt for a new head coach to replace Darvin Ham after his departure following an early playoff exit.

Potential New Coach: Dan Hurley

Recent reports indicate that the Lakers are considering a long-term offer for UConn men’s basketball coach, Dan Hurley. Geno Auriemma, who coaches UConn’s women’s team, shared that he recently joked with Hurley about coaching in the NBA. “I leaned over and said, ‘Hey, I think you could win a lot of championships with the Lakers,'” Auriemma recalled on the Dan Patrick Show.

Despite not knowing about the Lakers’ interest at first, Auriemma admitted it would be tough for Connecticut if Hurley left. “It’d be a bad day for UConn if this happens,” he said. “But it would be great for Dan Hurley.”

Hurley’s Success and Potential Move

Moving to Los Angeles would be huge for Hurley. He’s already secured his future in Connecticut with back-to-back national titles in six years. No wonder the Lakers want him! Auriemma believes that even though college basketball is chaotic right now, Hurley can handle it well because of his excellent player development skills.

I think it’s exciting to see such unexpected moves in sports.

Auriemma also suggested that leaving might not be wise unless it’s for a top-tier team like the Lakers. “If Danny were to leave and somebody said to me, ‘He just took this NBA job,’ I would say, ‘You’re set up for failure.’ But it’s the Lakers,” he noted.

NBA Reactions

The news shocked many NBA insiders who never saw this coming. Zach Lowe mentioned how surprising it was: “People did not hear a whisper of this.”

Lowe discussed how Hurley’s offensive strategies could benefit the Lakers but questioned if he’s ready for an 82-game NBA season’s pace and intensity. “There is no doubt about Dan Hurley’s tactical acumen,” Lowe explained. The real challenge will be adjusting his intensity to fit an NBA schedule.

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