Lakers Plan to Add Depth Over Trading for Star

Probably the biggest rumors in the NBA this summer are about the Lakers.

Shifting Focus to Depth

The Lakers didn’t have a great season and now, instead of chasing another star, they want to add more depth to their team. Jovan Buha shared that players like Dejounte Murray and Donovan Mitchell were considered, but priorities have changed.

“My sense right now is they’re leaning more toward upgrading the supporting cast rather than the three-star model,” said The Athletic reporter. He also mentioned that paying a higher luxury tax bill isn’t in their plans.

After finishing with a 47-35 record and losing to the Nuggets in the first round of playoffs, LeBron will influence this new direction. “The Lakers have pushed back on going down the three-star build path,” Buha noted. “LeBron James will have a say in that.”

Austin Reaves: A Hot Commodity

Buha also highlighted Austin Reaves as a key player every franchise wants this summer because his contract is valuable compared to others like Jarred Vanderbilt or D’Angelo Russell. However, sources say trading Reaves would only happen if it brings an All-Star in return.

“I’ve heard the Lakers do not want to trade Austin Reaves,” he mentioned on Buha’s Block. “But for a bona fide All-Star, they might consider it.”

I think keeping Reaves could be very smart for them.

Learning from Past Mistakes

Buha explained how the Lakers see Russell Westbrook’s 2021 trade as a lesson learned. They’ll be cautious when making big offers for players like Trae Young or Dejounte Murray from Atlanta.

“I think any of these guys are better fits than Westbrook was,” he said last month. “They would complement LeBron and AD better with playmaking and shooting skills.”

Donovan Mitchell Rumors

Brian Windhorst added fuel by saying teams including Los Angeles and Brooklyn are readying offers for Donovan Mitchell. On ESPN’s Get Up, he stated, “There are several teams that have their offers ready.”

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