Kyrie Irving, Mavericks Star, Nicknames Himself NBA’s Benjamin Button

– ‣ Kyrie Irving’s recent performance, including a buzzer-beating hook shot to defeat the Nuggets, has highlighted his significant contribution to the Dallas Mavericks‘ success, with the team winning five out of their last six games. Irving’s actions on the court have sparked discussions about his and the team’s potential to contend for the NBA title.
– ‣ Irving humorously compared himself to the character Benjamin Button, suggesting he might be getting more athletic in his 30s, following a dunk he made during a game against the Spurs. This comment came after a period of notable performances, including the game-winning shot against the Nuggets, which boosted his confidence and garnered praise from the NBA community.
– ‣ ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith described the duo of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving as the “scariest” in the NBA, even more so than the Jamal Murray-Nikola Jokic pairing. Smith’s comments reflect the high potential and explosive capability of the Doncic-Irving partnership, emphasizing their impact when they are in sync on the court.


Kyrie Irving’s been the talk of the town. Seriously, everyone’s buzzing after he nailed a hook shot from 21 feet out to take down the Nuggets last weekend. And guess what? The guy’s soaking it all in. At 31, he’s not just riding the wave; he’s making tsunamis. Dallas has been on a tear, winning five of their last six, and Irving’s at the heart of it all. They’re eyeing the title, and with him, it doesn’t seem like a pipe dream.

Come Tuesday, Irving was on fire. Again. Showcasing those elite moves that once crowned him an NBA champ. After the Mavericks’ win over the Spurs, 113-107, reporters were all over him. They wanted the scoop on a dunk he pulled off during the game.

Irving, ever the jester, claimed it was his third dunk of the season. “Career-high,” he quipped, suggesting he’s only getting better as he ages. “Am I at a career high this year? I think I have three dunks—I’m three dunks in—I think that’s my career-high at this point,” he told Grant Afseth, barely keeping a straight face.

Then, there’s this tweet floating around. “Mavericks’ Kyrie Irving Jokes He Might Be NBA’s Version of Benjamin Button.” Got me thinking, what if he’s onto something? What if, in his 30s, he’s just hitting his athletic peak? Irving sure finds the idea amusing. And why not? His buzzer-beater against the Nuggets has him walking on cloud nine.

The NBA’s elite didn’t hold back their praises. From Damian Lillard’s awe at Irving’s unmatched talent to Jay Williams calling him “the most skilled player in the history of basketball.” Bold words, but then again, Irving’s play has been speaking volumes.

Even his teammate, Doncic, couldn’t hide his amazement. “I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think people realize how tough of a shot that is,” he said after the game. But for Irving, it’s not about the accolades. He’s got his eyes on the prize – a championship ring.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith threw in his two cents, calling the Doncic-Irving duo the NBA’s scariest. With the Mavericks sitting seventh in the Western Conference, they’re not the most intimidating team on paper. But on the court, it’s a different story. Smith admits, Jokic and Murray might be better, but Irving and Doncic bring an unpredictability that’s unmatched.

As the playoffs loom, the Mavericks’ dynamic duo has everyone on their toes. “When those two get rolling, you can’t stop them,” Smith said, echoing the sentiments of many. With Irving and Doncic at the helm, Dallas is a force to be reckoned with. And who knows? Maybe Irving’s Benjamin Button joke has more truth to it than we realize.

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James Shotwell
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