Klay Thompson on Leaving Golden State: No Desire for Elsewhere

‣ Klay Thompson wants to stay with the Golden State Warriors and play for one franchise throughout his NBA career.
‣ The Warriors have offered Thompson a four-year contract extension worth $30-35 million per season.
‣ Thompson remains focused on leading the Warriors to another championship this season.


Rumors are circulating about Klay Thompson’s future with the Golden State Warriors. While the team has undergone some changes, the core group that brought the franchise four NBA titles is still intact. The Warriors’ front office is hoping to keep their championship core together for the foreseeable future, but Thompson has yet to sign a contract extension. He recently addressed the situation, expressing his desire to stay with the team.

Thompson emphasized the rarity of playing for one franchise throughout an entire career and the pride he feels representing the Warriors. He recognizes the significance of the legacy he could leave behind, especially as he was with the team before they achieved championship success. Thompson is entering his 13th NBA season, and despite missing two seasons due to injuries, he holds the record for the fourth most three-pointers in league history.

Despite his impressive career achievements, Thompson acknowledged his struggles during the last playoffs, admitting that he was mentally and physically fatigued. He emphasized the need to rely on his teammates and basketball intelligence to continue being an efficient scorer as he gets older. However, Sports Illustrated reports that the Warriors have offered Thompson an irresistible four-year contract to remain in Golden State.

Thompson remains focused on leading the Warriors to another championship this upcoming season. He is determined to be in the best shape possible and is grateful for his current situation. NBA executives anticipate that Thompson could potentially secure a lucrative contract averaging $30-35 million per year. There doesn’t seem to be any tension between Thompson and the Warriors, making it likely that they will reach an agreement.

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