Kevin Durant Surpasses Shaquille O’Neal to Become 8th NBA All-Time Top Scorer

Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant surpassed Shaquille O’Neal to claim the eighth spot on the NBA all-time scoring list, now with 28,610 points.

‣ Durant’s achievement was celebrated by both Shaquille O’Neal, who expressed honor in being passed by Durant, and the Suns coach Frank Vogel, who praised Durant’s significant contribution beyond scoring to the team’s performance.

‣ The Suns, with Durant’s leadership, are positioned in the Western Conference standings with aspirations for the playoffs, highlighting Durant’s focus on team victories over individual achievements.


Kevin Durant, the Phoenix Suns forward, made history Wednesday night. He passed Shaquille O’Neal for eighth on the NBA all-time scoring list during a 115-102 win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Now, Durant boasts 28,610 points. That’s just a smidge more than Shaq’s 28,596. Meanwhile, LeBron James sits at the top with a jaw-dropping 40,179 points. He’s the first to cross the 40,000-point threshold, by the way.

Durant was all humility and honor post-game. “I’m just grateful to be in a category with some of the greats,” he said. Knowing Shaq’s impact on basketball, Durant feels it’s a “major honor” to surpass him.

Betting sites are buzzing with predictions. The Suns are currently the sixth favorite to clinch the championship. Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers are apparently looking a bit shinier in the odds department.

Oh, and Shaq? He had nothing but praise for Durant. On NBA on TNT, he said, “If anybody was gonna pass me, it was definitely gonna be you, Durantula.” High praise from a legend!

The scoring list reads like a who’s who of basketball. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is second, followed by Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki, and Wilt Chamberlain. Durant’s next target? Chamberlain, who’s just 2,810 points away.

Durant’s recent game stats? Impressive. He racked up 22 points, eight rebounds, four assists, and three blocks in 36 minutes. His shooting? 55.6% from the field and 33.3% from beyond the arc.

Suns coach Frank Vogel can’t stop gushing about Durant. It’s not just his scoring; it’s his defense too. “I don’t know where we’d be without him,” Vogel admitted.

Then there’s Grayson Allen, lighting up with 32 points and tying his career-high nine 3-pointers. Only Stephen Curry has him beat in the 3-pointers game this season.

“Every five games it feels like he’s passing another legend,” said Allen about Durant. That’s one way to keep the scoreboard interesting.

Devin Booker is doing his bit too. With 18 points, nine rebounds, and 11 assists, he was tantalizingly close to a triple-double. Remember his 62-point game? Yeah, that was something.

The Suns are in a tight race in the Western Conference. With only 13 games left, they’re eighth, neck and neck with the Dallas Mavericks. Both are eyeing the No. 6 seed, currently held by the Sacramento Kings.

For Durant, though, it’s all about the wins. “We just want to win games,” he emphasized. At this season’s crunch time, every victory counts.

Next up? The Suns are hosting the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night. Should be a good one.

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James Shotwell
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