Kevin Durant Predicts 15-Year NBA Dominance for High School Star Cooper Flagg

‣ Kevin Durant, a two-time NBA champion and former season MVP, praised high school basketball prospect Cooper Flagg, predicting he could be “one of the top players in the league for 15 years.”

‣ Cooper Flagg is the top-ranked high school athlete in the country, committed to play for Duke University next season, and is projected to be the top pick in the 2025 NBA Draft.

‣ Former NBA champion Brian Scalabrine remarked on Flagg’s readiness for professional basketball, noting that the level of play in Flagg’s high school matches is already elite.


Oh boy, let’s dive into this whirlwind of a story, shall we? So, there’s this high school basketball phenom, Cooper Flagg. Just 17 and already turning heads. NBA big shots? Yeah, they’re watching him closely.

And get this – Kevin Durant, yes, THE Kevin Durant, dropped some hefty praise on Cooper. He’s seeing something special in this kid. Durant’s words? Cooper could be dominating the NBA for a solid 15 years. That’s not something you hear every day.

Durant didn’t just whisper this into the wind. Nope. He said it on *Boardroom*, his own platform. He and his agent, Rich Kleiman, were chatting about upcoming talents, and boom, Flagg’s name pops up.

Now, for a bit of a side note – there’s a tweet floating around. It’s buzzing with news about Cooper being a finalist for the national player of the year. Yeah, the hype is real.

Durant’s not just throwing around compliments. He’s seen Cooper play, even if it’s just on TV. And it’s not just the skills, it’s the instincts, the raw talent. Durant’s betting on Cooper to be a top player, provided he keeps pushing himself.

Flagg’s not just any high school athlete. He’s the cream of the crop, the top-ranked, and he’s Duke University-bound next season. The NBA’s already got its eyes on him for the 2025 Draft.

After Cooper dropped a cool 26 points in a game, his coach couldn’t help but gush. Kevin Boyle’s seen a lot of talent in his time, and he’s placing Cooper right up there with the best of them.

But it’s not all natural talent. Cooper’s working on his game, getting comfortable playing different positions, tightening his handle, working on his shot. His trainer’s got an interesting take – a bit of selfishness might just be the key to unlocking that star-level play.

And then there’s Brian Scalabrine, former NBA champ, who’s been watching Cooper up close. He’s convinced Cooper’s already playing at an elite level, way beyond high school basketball.

Scalabrine’s been in the mix with Cooper for a while, offering advice, sharing experiences. For Cooper, rubbing shoulders with someone like Scalabrine? Priceless. It’s all about those connections, getting into the gym with top-tier players.

So, there you have it. Cooper Flagg, remember the name. The kid’s on a trajectory that’s got everyone talking. From NBA legends to former champs, they’re all seeing something special. And honestly? I can’t wait to see where this journey takes him.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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