Karl-Anthony Towns Gives $1.5K to Help Wolves Fan’s Mom Fight Stage 4 Cancer

– ‣ Karl-Anthony Towns donated $1,500 to a Minnesota Timberwolves fan’s mom’s GoFundMe account to help her battle stage 4 cancer, showcasing his continued commitment to supporting those in need.
– ‣ During the COVID-19 pandemic, Towns contributed significantly by donating $250,000 worth of COVID-19 tests to schools in New Jersey and Minnesota, motivated by the personal loss of his mother and six other family members to the virus.
– ‣ Towns is scheduled to undergo surgery to repair a torn left meniscus but is expected to return by the second round of the Western Conference playoffs, demonstrating his resilience and dedication to his basketball career.


Karl-Anthony Towns, in a quiet move, dropped $1,500 into a GoFundMe for a fan’s mom battling stage 4 cancer. No press was involved, just pure kindness.

“Karl Anthony Towns, you are an amazing human being,” the grateful user shared on X. They couldn’t hide their astonishment, especially since Towns was dealing with his own challenges that day. Yet, he chose to reach out and make a difference in their lives.

This isn’t out of character for Towns. Remember the pandemic? The guy teamed up with Cue Health, forking over $250,000 for COVID-19 tests. These went to schools in New Jersey and Minnesota, starting with his old stomping grounds at St. Joseph’s High.

A tweet highlighted his generosity, echoing the sentiment of many. “Karl Anthony Towns, you are an amazing human being,” it read, praising his selflessness on a tough personal day.

Tragedy struck Towns hard in April 2020 when his mother succumbed to COVID-19 complications. The virus didn’t stop there, claiming six more from his family. It’s no wonder he felt compelled to donate those tests.

“My family was devastated by COVID-19,” Towns admitted. He found solace in Cue’s accurate testing, which the NBA adopted in 2020. His donation aimed to bring peace of mind to his community, ensuring safe and confident learning environments.

Before hitting the big leagues, Towns was just a kid from St. Joe’s, class of 2014. His journey took him to the University of Kentucky, then straight to the Minnesota Timberwolves as the first pick in 2015.

In a sudden shift, news broke that Towns needs surgery for a torn left meniscus. Despite this setback, the Timberwolves’ star could be back by the second round of the playoffs.

He’s been sidelined before, missing games for knee soreness and personal reasons. Yet, an MRI has now charted his path towards recovery.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted the update, marking another chapter in Towns’ rollercoaster season.

With the playoffs looming, the Timberwolves are leading the West, just a step ahead of the Thunder. Towns, even with his injury, has been pivotal this season, boasting impressive stats.

He’s not just a player; he’s a record-setter, scoring a career-high 62 points against the Hornets. Yet, despite his efforts, the Timberwolves are seen as underdogs in the championship race, trailing behind teams like the Mavericks and Lakers.

Next up, they’re facing the Cavaliers. It’s a Friday night game, and all eyes will be on how the team adjusts without Towns on the floor.

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