Jordi Fernández Sees Potential in Canadian NBA Players for Olympics

‣ After an 88-year drought without medals, Canada finally returned to the world’s podium in basketball, securing third place at the FIBA World Cup last year, and now aims for success at the upcoming Olympic Games in France.

‣ Coach Jordi Fernandez highlighted the enthusiasm and willingness among players, including those from the NBA, to represent Canada again, underlining a strong team spirit and commitment to national representation.

‣ With a roster boasting notable NBA talents like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Dillon Brooks, and potentially Jamal Murray, Canada is optimistic about its chances at the Paris Olympics, aiming to build on its historic performance and possibly secure an Olympic basketball medal for the first time since 1936.


After an 88-year drought, Canada’s basketball team made a splash. They clinched third place at the FIBA World Cup, outshining the United States. This victory wasn’t just a win; it was a historic moment. Now, they’re eyeing success at the Olympic Games in France.

Coach Jordi Fernandez can barely contain his excitement. He’s thrilled at the prospect of the team reuniting. And guess what? There’s a buzz among other Canadian NBA players too. They’re itching for their shot at glory.

“Every single player is pumped to play again,” Fernandez said. And those who missed out last time? They’re just as eager. It’s a vibe, really.

Jordi Fernandez dropped some names, like Andrew Nembhard and Bennedict Mathurin. “I haven’t met one Canadian player who doesn’t want in,” he revealed. That’s commitment!

The Olympics are tough, no doubt. But Fernandez is optimistic. He’s got faith in the team general manager Rowan Barrett has assembled. “We’ve got the horses,” he says. And they’re ready to gallop.

Post-NBA Finals, Toronto’s going to be buzzing. Training camp’s kicking off, and Canada’s roster? Stellar. Think Dillon Brooks, RJ Barrett, and MVP candidate Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, to name a few.

Jamal Murray’s eyeing a comeback too. If he’s fit, the coach has plans. Murray’s aiming to make a splash in Paris. “I’ve upped my game,” he claims. And with MVP Nikola Jokic as his teammate, he’s feeling confident.

Dillon Brooks is all for more NBA talent joining Team Canada. After their FIBA World Cup success, they’re Paris-bound. “The more, the merrier,” Brooks says. It’s all about national pride for him.

Brooks dreams of adding Jamal Murray and others to the squad. Canada’s Olympic basketball history? It’s been a minute since their last medal in 1936. “We need to level up,” Brooks insists.

Brooks set a record at the World Cup, but he’s not resting on his laurels. “I hope someone breaks my record in a gold-medal game,” he says. It’s about the team, after all.

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