Jeff Peterson Aims to Make Hornets Premier NBA Franchise as New VP

‣ The Hornets have struggled for a decade, holding the longest playoff drought in the NBA, and have faced challenges in attracting star players due to a lack of a convincing long-term vision from the organization. Jeff Peterson has been appointed as the new Vice President of Basketball Operations to rebuild the franchise and end this 9-year streak.

‣ Jeff Peterson, the former Nets executive, aims to transform the Charlotte Hornets into the premier franchise in the NBA, emphasizing a process that does not skip steps and aligns with the organization’s vision. He acknowledges the team’s young prospects and the importance of keeping them healthy and motivated.

‣ Charlotte’s owners, Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin, have appointed Peterson with the hope that his experience in player evaluation and relationship building, demonstrated through his tenure with the Brooklyn Nets, will lead the Hornets to become a leading franchise in the NBA. Peterson’s hiring is part of a broader strategy to establish a long-term vision and winning culture within the organization.


The Hornets? Yeah, they’ve been kinda stuck at the bottom of the league for what feels like forever. No one’s cracked the code to rebuild them yet. It’s a tough scene in Charlotte, with the longest playoff drought in the NBA hanging over their heads. And attracting big names? Forget about it. They’ve struggled to sell a dream that stars want to buy into.

Enter Jeff Peterson. He’s the new VP of Basketball Operations, fresh from the Nets. The guy’s got plans to shake things up and end this 9-year slump. During his first chat with the press, he was all in. “You guys are gonna get tired of hearing this, but we’re about to become the NBA’s top franchise,” he declared. No doubts, no detours. They’re committed to doing this right, step by step.

Oh, and there was this tweet from Ashley Stroehlein, giving Peterson props for sharing his vision. It’s got folks talking.

The future? It’s looking bright with LaMelo Ball, Brandon Miller, Miles Bridges, and Mark Williams on board. But the real challenge? Keeping this young squad healthy, hungry, and together—especially Miles Bridges, who they’re hoping to re-sign this summer.

Peterson’s cool as a cucumber about the rebuild. “No rush,” he says. They’ve got a plan and they’re sticking to it, no shortcuts. Plus, they’re sitting pretty with the league’s fifth-best cap situation and another lottery pick on the horizon.

“We want growth to be natural,” Peterson explains. They’re all about competition but not at the cost of their future. Character is key for them, something Rick and Gabe, the Co-Chairmen, totally back.

Speaking of Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin, they’re psyched about Peterson joining the team. They believe he’s the guy to bring their vision to life, praising his knack for scouting talent and building strong relationships.

Peterson’s no rookie. He’s coming from a solid stint with the Nets, where he played a big part in snagging stars like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. “I’m pumped to be here,” he says, tipping his hat to Rick and Gabe for the chance to lead the Hornets to glory. He’s all in on turning Charlotte into a winning city, but he knows it’s gonna be a grind.

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