Jayson Tatum & Kyrie Irving Reflect on Boston Seasons

Even though Kyrie Irving’s time with the Celtics wasn’t the most memorable, there were still some good moments.

Jayson Tatum remembers those days fondly. As a rookie, he learned a lot from playing alongside Kyrie. Now, as they prepare to face each other in the NBA Finals, both have spoken about their rivalry and friendship. Although Kyrie left Boston in free agency that summer, they’ve stayed in touch.

Tatum said he talks to Kyrie occasionally during the season: “It’s great to see Kai out there playing at an extremely high level, doing all the special things that we love to see him do and have fun doing it.”

Reflecting on his early years with Kyrie, Tatum shared mixed feelings. He appreciated learning from a superstar but acknowledged the team’s struggles. “Obviously, there were some ups and downs,” Tatum said. “But being around a superstar every day taught me how to navigate that space.”

Lessons Learned

Tatum believes everyone on that team was responsible for their disappointing season. “Just learning that being on such a talented team means it’s not just talent that’s going to take you over the top,” he explained. “You need guys willing to sacrifice and do other things for the team.” He stressed it wasn’t just Kyrie’s fault; they all had roles in why that season didn’t succeed.

“We all took part in why that season wasn’t a success and we all learned from it,” Tatum continued. Some players stayed with Boston while others moved on and found success elsewhere.

Kyrie’s New Chapter

Now Jayson sees how well Kyrie is doing with Dallas: “It does seem like Dallas has been a great fit,” he said. “They’re in the NBA Finals now.” It’s clear he’s happy for his former teammate’s success.

I think it’s cool how they’ve maintained their friendship despite everything.

Kyrie also looks back at his time in Boston but admits it wasn’t his best period: “Last time in Boston…that wasn’t a great reflection of who I am,” he confessed ahead of the NBA Finals this week.


He added: “It wasn’t a great reflection on my end towards the next generation on what it means to control your emotions.”

Kyrie’s playoff history against Boston includes eliminating them once but then getting swept by them another year while still with Brooklyn.

It’s interesting how sports can bring people together even after tough times

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