Jamal Murray’s Right Ankle Injury Not Serious, Nuggets Star Confirms

Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray sprained his right ankle during the second quarter of the Nuggets’ 103-97 win over the Miami Heat, but the injury is reportedly “not serious.”

‣ Murray has missed 15 games this season due to various injuries including shin splints, and right hamstring and ankle injuries, emphasizing the cautious approach to his recent injury.

‣ Through 44 games this season, Murray is averaging 20.5 points, 3.8 rebounds, a career-high 6.3 assists, and 31.2 minutes per game, showcasing his significant role in the team’s performance.


Oh man, did you hear about Jamal Murray? Denver Nuggets’ shining star got himself a sprained right ankle. Happened during the second quarter against the Miami Heat on Thursday night. They were at Ball Arena, and the Nuggets pulled off a 103-97 win. But Murray? His injury’s “not serious,” sources say.

So, here’s the scoop. Murray, 27, was doing his thing, landed awkwardly on Aaron Gordon’s foot right under the basket. He just dished out an assist to Nikola Jokic. Murray managed to stand up, but then, plop, sat right back down on the baseline.

The dude’s a seven-year vet. Limped off the floor on his own, but didn’t come back to the game. Reggie Jackson stepped in as starting point guard for the second half.

And then, there’s this tweet going around, “Jamal Murray can’t catch a break .” It’s got people talking, for sure.

Coach Michael Malone had a chat with him at halftime. Murray thought he might give it another go, see if it warmed up. But nope, it wasn’t happening. Malone thinks it was smart not to push it. Gotta be careful, especially this season.

Now, everyone’s wondering if Murray will be up for the game on Saturday against the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the little time he played, Murray scored six points, snagged one rebound, and dished out three assists in 14 minutes. Meanwhile, Michael Porter Jr. was on fire, leading the Nuggets with 30 points.

Porter mentioned they caught a little rhythm without Murray but emphasized how much they need him. The game had a playoff vibe, he said.

Murray’s had a rough season, missing 15 games already. Shin splints, right hamstring, and ankle injuries. But stepping out of Thursday’s game? Probably a solid move.

Another tweet pops up, celebrating five wins in a row for the Nuggets. Malone thinks it’s wise for Murray to be cautious right now.

Across 44 games this season, all starts, Murray’s been averaging 20.5 points, 3.8 rebounds, and a career-high 6.3 assists. He’s shooting career bests from the field and 3-point range.

Back on Jan. 7, against the Detroit Pistons, Murray scored a season-high 37 points.

And here’s a kicker – Murray’s set to earn about $36 million in the final year of his current contract in 2024-25. He could sign an extension worth up to his standard max this offseason.

Crazy, right? Let’s see how this plays out.

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