Jalen Brunson Fractures Hand in Knicks Elimination Game

After an incredible season, Jalen Brunson’s journey ended with a broken hand.

Reflecting on the Season:

Brunson’s stellar performance included his first All-Star selection and tying Michael Jordan for consecutive 40+ point playoff games. However, his season concluded with a wrist injury during the Knicks’ Game 7 loss to the Pacers at Madison Square Garden.

When asked if he viewed the season as successful, Brunson was clear: “No,” he said. “Did we win the championship? Did we get close? So, no. That’s my mindset.”

The Injury Incident:

In the third quarter of Game 7, Brunson hurt his left hand while defending Tyrese Haliburton. He went to the locker room but returned briefly before realizing he couldn’t continue playing.

“I thought I just jammed it,” he recalled about his initial reaction before returning to play for only 14 seconds.

Postseason Performance:

Throughout 13 postseason games, Brunson averaged 32.4 points per game, second only to Joel Embiid.

Despite these impressive stats, Jalen feels there’s room for improvement: “There are pros and cons to how I played,” he said. “I played well individually at times but didn’t do enough to help my team advance.”

We all have those moments where we think we could’ve done better.

“You can say I got hurt in Game 7; I wasn’t playing well even then," he added. "We had leads in the series that we couldn’t hold onto.”

Team Resilience Amid Injuries:

Brunson was also asked if a healthier roster would have led to more success this season since key players like Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson were out by Game 7’s end.

“We’ll talk about that next year,” he replied but emphasized that they showed strength despite injuries: “I think we’re making positive strides.”

Looking Forward:

Now focusing on recovery and improvement during the offseason, Brunson aims to become a more complete player: “Every summer is about looking back and finding ways to be better," he stated. "Striving for perfection daily is key."

“I don’t care what I’ve done as a player; it means nothing… I’m going into this summer training hard.”

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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