Jabari Parker Emotional About Playing in Europe

Once seen as a future superstar, Jabari Parker now plays in Europe at 29.

During a recent interview, Parker broke down in tears when asked about playing in Barcelona. Many thought he was upset about being overseas, but he clarified his emotions.

Reflecting on His Journey:

A decade ago, Parker was the second overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft by Milwaukee. Knee injuries derailed his promising career. When asked what it meant to find his footing in Spain, he couldn’t hold back his tears.

Parker struggled to speak and began crying. He later explained that these were “tears of gratitude.”

“It was all happiness,” he said. “Gratitude for this organization giving me an opportunity and my teammates making me happy here.”

Finding Love for the Game Again:

Parker shared how much love he has for Barcelona. “It’s been nothing but a dream of mine,” he said. “I wasn’t sure I’d play again, but because of FC Barcelona and everyone here, I found my passion again.”

In April, he signed a two-year extension with Barcelona and called it an easy choice. “From the first moment I came here, I had good feelings,” Parker said.

We think it’s great he’s found joy again!

Fans React Online:

Basketball fans showed their support after seeing him cry post-game. One fan commented on how tough it must be emotionally to go from being dubbed “the next LeBron” to playing overseas due to injuries.

Another fan mentioned his journey through various NBA teams before landing in Spain: Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards, Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, and Boston Celtics.

One person summed up many fans’ feelings: “Damn, this actually hurts to see… He was supposed to be so great man.”

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James Shotwell
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