Heat’s Jaime Jaquez: Experienced 22-Year-Old, Not Your Typical Rookie

‣ Jaime Jaquez Jr. is an underrated rookie who has the potential to succeed in the NBA.

‣ Jimmy Butler and coach Erik Spoelstra have praised Jaquez for his competitiveness, smart play, and overall game.

‣ Jaquez believes his strongest asset is his ability to dominate both offensive and defensive concepts.


The Miami Heat may have missed out on some big-name players, but they have a hidden gem in rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr. Despite being a first-year player, Jaquez is anything but inexperienced. At 22 years old, he brings a maturity and skill set that sets him apart from your typical rookie. “I’m a little on the older side, but still got a lot of game left to prove and show,” Jaquez affirmed when discussing his age.

Selected as the No. 18 overall pick in the 2023 NBA draft, Jaquez excelled at UCLA, averaging impressive numbers of 17.8 points and 8.2 rebounds per game. His standout performance came during the NCAA tournament, where he became the Bruins’ top scorer with a stellar 29-point, 11-rebound game in the Sweet Sixteen.

Even Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler recognizes Jaquez’s potential. “He just plays to win and makes all the right plays. Really plays like a vet,” Butler explained. The competitive experience from the NCAA Tournament has shaped Jaquez into a smart and confident player who knows how to utilize his strengths.

Head coach Erik Spoelstra also has high praise for the young forward. After just three days of training camp, Spoelstra commended Jaquez’s mentality, work ethic, and competitive spirit. He believes Jaquez’s skill level and understanding of the game have been a pleasant surprise.

Jaquez himself believes that his overall game is his strongest asset. He feels confident in his abilities, both offensively and defensively, and is focused on understanding the team concepts. He wants to show his team that he can contribute in any position he’s played in.

While there is no guarantee that Jaquez will see playing time in his NBA debut this month, Spoelstra wants him to be prepared for any opportunity that comes his way. The coach values Jaquez’s experience in high-pressure situations and his ability to will his team to victory. As Miami gears up for their preseason opener against the Charlotte Hornets, fans may finally get a glimpse of Jaquez’s skills on the court.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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