Former NBA Champ Warns JJ Redick Against Lakers Coaching Job

Even though the Lakers won the 2020 NBA championship, some think coaching them is cursed.

Coaching Changes and New Candidates:

Since LeBron joined, they’ve fired three coaches: Luke Walton, Frank Vogel, and now Darvin Ham. With the position open again, many names are being mentioned as possible replacements. One popular name is JJ Redick, who has never coached an NBA team but inspires confidence.

Channing Frye’s Warning:

Channing Frye, a close friend of Redick’s, has advised him against taking the job. He said on NBA TV that coaching the Lakers is like a “death sentence” and believes JJ would be risking too much by accepting it.

“To be honest,” Frye continued on NBA TV, “I think he’s jumping on a grenade.” Coaching stars like Anthony Davis and LeBron James without prior experience isn’t easy.

JJ Redick’s Desire to Coach:

Redick recently shared his thoughts about returning to the NBA as a coach during an appearance on Road Trippin’. Although he enjoys being a broadcaster and podcast host now, he admitted there’s still a small part of him that misses playing basketball.

I think it must be tough to leave something you love so much behind.

He explained how there’s an athlete’s high that comes from more than just playing—it’s about being part of those locker room moments too.

The Thrill of Competition:

Redick talked about what he misses most about competing in the NBA: “There’s this high you get beyond just passing or shooting.” For him and other ex-athletes, those non-gameplay moments are what they miss most.

Lakers’ Coaching Search Continues:

Shams Charania reported that other candidates for the Lakers’ coaching job include Kenny Atkinson and Ty Lue. ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin added on The Dan Patrick Show that there are several viable candidates for interviews.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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