Excitement as RJ Hunter recovers from injury and returns to the NBA with Hornets teammates

‣ RJ Hunter suffered a devastating knee injury in Australia but has made a comeback and recently signed with the Hornets to return to the NBA.
‣ Hunter is excited to be back and happy to be playing alongside his friend Terry Rozier.
‣ Hunter recalls the moment he injured his knee and the perspective it gave him on appreciating the game and not taking it for granted.


RJ Hunter, a basketball player who suffered a devastating knee injury two years ago, is making a comeback to the NBA. After his injury, Hunter focused on his recovery and worked hard to get back on the court. He recently signed with the Charlotte Hornets and is excited to be returning to professional basketball. Hunter feels welcomed by his new teammates and describes the locker room as having a “super-solid down-to-earth vibe.”

Hunter is no stranger to the NBA, having previously played for teams like the Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks. He is especially happy to be playing alongside Terry Rozier, whom he met during their rookie years with the Celtics. Hunter speaks highly of Rozier, calling him a genuine person and a good friend. He is excited to see Rozier’s success and is grateful for his own opportunity to play for the Hornets.

Reflecting on his injury, Hunter recalls the difficult experience of splitting his knee in half during a game for the Sydney Kings in Australia. He acknowledges that the injury forced him to appreciate the game and not take any moments for granted. Hunter has learned to overcome challenges and has gained a new perspective on life and basketball as a result.

During the recovery process, Hunter had the opportunity to witness his team winning the Australian league without him. It was a strange experience for him, but one that taught him valuable lessons. Hunter now values not only his basketball career but also other aspects of his life. He has started his own clothing brand called Cosmic and has enjoyed exploring different interests and cultures.

Overall, Hunter is grateful for his recovery and the chance to return to the NBA with the Charlotte Hornets. He is determined to make the most of this opportunity and continue to grow both on and off the court.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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