Draymond Green Says Warriors Could Win NBA Title with LeBron James Trade

Golden State Warriors attempted to trade for LeBron James during the last transfer window, sparking significant discussions within the NBA community. Despite the talks, LeBron was convinced his place was still with the Los Angeles Lakers.

‣ Draymond Green and Carmelo Anthony discussed the potential impact of LeBron joining the Warriors on the “7PM in Brooklyn” podcast. While Green believed a team with LeBron and Stephen Curry would easily win a championship, Anthony was skeptical due to the major roster changes that would be required.

‣ LeBron James expressed his desire to remain with the Los Angeles Lakers for the rest of his career during the All-Star contest, highlighting his happiness with the team over the past six years. Despite the trade talks, LeBron’s commitment to the Lakers was clear, as confirmed by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.



Oh boy, did you hear about the almost-trade that shook the NBA cosmos? Last transfer window, whispers swirled like a tornado. Golden State, yeah, the Warriors, were scheming to snag LeBron James. Picture that!

But, hold up. The Lakers’ big shots mulled it over, yet LeBron, at 39, felt his roots were too deep in Los Angeles. He wasn’t moving. Not an inch.

On the “7PM in Brooklyn” podcast, things got spicy. Draymond Green and Carmelo Anthony chewed over this wild idea. Just imagining the scenario had them, and honestly, all of us, in a frenzy.

Draymond was like, “The deadline was cool.” Conversations floated around, entertaining the “what-ifs.” He said it felt like a twilight zone episode. Can you blame him?

Then, there’s this tweet that dropped, teasing us with visions of LeBron, Steph, and Draymond teaming up. Madness, right?

Draymond, ever the optimist, believed that LeBron joining forces with Steph Curry would’ve been a slam dunk for another championship. “Crazy,” he said, and not wrong.

Carmelo, though, wasn’t sold. He pointed out the domino effect. If LeBron went to Golden State, goodbye team as we know it. Klay Thompson? Probably packing his bags. It’d be a whole new ball game.

Draymond just laughed off Carmelo’s take. He’s got faith in the young guns like Jonathan Kuminga, seeing stars in their future.

Now, LeBron himself has piped up. During the All-Star game, he was quizzed about ditching the Lakers. His heart? Firmly in Los Angeles. He’s been living the dream there for six years and isn’t keen on waking up elsewhere.

“I am a Laker,” he declared, leaving a trail of hope for fans that he’ll stay put. But in the world of sports, “anything can happen,” he teased.

Post-deadline, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski spilled the tea. The Warriors’ pitch had its allure, but LeBron’s loyalty to the Lakers was ironclad. No trade, no way. The Lakers’ brass and the Warriors got the memo loud and clear. LeBron was staying put, a Laker through and through.

So, there you have it. A whirlwind of what-ifs, almosts, and steadfast loyalties. In the end, the NBA landscape remains unchanged, but oh, what a story it was.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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