Dillon Brooks Invites NBA Players to Join Canada for Paris Olympics Competition

  • ‣ Canada qualified directly for the 2024 Paris Olympics after securing a historic third place in last year’s FIBA World Cup, ending an 88-year medal drought in basketball.
  • ‣ Dillon Brooks emphasizes the importance of national pride over monetary gain when representing Canada in basketball, advocating for the inclusion of more NBA players to strengthen the team.
  • ‣ Jamal Murray, after winning Denver’s first-ever NBA title and recovering over the summer, plans to join the Canadian team for the Olympics, aiming to contribute with his improved game style focused on being more aggressive to score.


Oh, Canada! Last year, they snagged a historic third place at the FIBA World Cup, beating the United States. This victory wasn’t just any win; it punched their ticket straight to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Dillon Brooks, a key player, is all for having more NBA talent join the Canadian cause. The more, the merrier, he says.

It’s been a long time coming. 88 years, to be exact, since Canada last medaled in basketball on the world stage. Now, they’re not just looking to participate in the Olympics. They aim to dominate and extend their winning streak in France this summer.

For Brooks, it’s all about national pride. Playing for your country? It’s a big deal. “It’s not about the money,” he insists. It’s about honor and representing Canada on the global stage. They’ve played with Team Canada before, and according to Brooks, they need to up their game.

Remember when Brooks set a new points record in a medal game? That was something. He scored 39 points, helping Canada clinch their first-ever medal. That’s the spirit they want to carry into the Olympics.

Brooks isn’t alone in this journey. He’s part of a core group of 14 players committed to the Olympic cycle. But he believes there are more Canadian talents out there. “We just need to get better and be ready,” he says, emphasizing improvement over roster names.

Back in September, Brooks was phenomenal. He led Canada to an exciting 127-118 overtime victory against the United States, scoring 39 points. Despite missing stars like Jamal Murray, Andrew Wiggins, and Andrew Nembhard, Canada showed their mettle.

Brooks is keen on adding Murray, Nembhard, and Wiggins to the mix. He believes their inclusion could change the course of Canadian basketball history. After all, it’s been since 1936 that Canada won an Olympic basketball medal. “We gotta re-up. We gotta get better,” Brooks says, aiming for gold.

His 39 points at the World Cup set a record, but Brooks hopes it’s broken soon. “I hope someone does break it in a gold-medal game,” he says. It’s not about individual glory; it’s about playing hard and for each other.

Jamal Murray, fresh from winning Denver’s first-ever NBA title, needed rest. Despite his commitment, he wasn’t at 100% for the FIBA World Cup. This season, he’s changing his game style, focusing more on scoring than passing. With MVP candidate Nikola Jokic by his side, Murray’s job is “a little easier.”

Murray plans to join the Canadian roster post-NBA playoffs, hopefully alongside Nembhard and Wiggins. If all goes well, this trio could be the game-changer Canada needs for Olympic success.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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