Dante Exum’s Resurrection Key to Dallas Mavericks’ Recent Success, Say Experts

‣ The Mavericks have been performing well recently, winning five out of their last six games, with significant contributions from Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, and notably Dante Exum, who has been pivotal in clutch moments, including a recent win over San Antonio.

‣ Dante Exum has made a remarkable comeback this season, overcoming injuries and improving his performance, notably in three-point shooting where he has achieved a 50% efficiency rate, his career-high. His impactful play off the bench has been a key factor in the Mavericks’ success.

‣ Despite not starting, Exum’s ability to finish games strongly and take big shots has been highlighted by both Mavericks coach Jason Kidd and former NBA guard Derek Harper. His performance has led to a 7-1 record for Dallas when he scores 15 or more points.


The Mavericks? Oh, they’re on fire right now. They’ve bagged five wins in their last six games. Just stumbled once against the Thunder last week. Now, they’re comfortably sitting in the Western Conference’s seventh spot, boasting a 49-20 record. And guess what? They’re eyeing a playoff spot with just 13 games left on the calendar.

But hey, it’s not all about Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. Nope. Dante Exum has been turning heads too. Just last night, this Aussie hero sank a couple of threes, leading the team to a 113-107 victory over San Antonio. Talk about clutch!

People are calling it a comeback for Exum. After all, he was out for 22 games with a nasty plantar fascia sprain and then knee bursitis. Before that? He was killing it, averaging 15.3 points and 4.5 assists in December. Now, he’s shining off the bench.

There’s this tweet that caught my eye: “Dante Exum shooting 50% from 3 this season is the most ridiculous stat I’ve seen.” The tweet praises his transformation and crucial role in beating the Spurs. It’s quite the story.

Exum doesn’t need to start to make an impact, it seems. In the game against the Spurs, he scored 16 points, with 8 crucial ones in the fourth quarter. “Exum down the stretch was huge, hit big threes,” praised Mavs coach Jason Kidd.

Despite Luka’s triple-double that day, his shots weren’t falling. Kidd admired Luka’s ability to trust his teammates, especially down the stretch. Exum was right there, taking and making big shots.

Derek Harper, an ex-NBA guard, chimed in, saying Exum isn’t fazed by not starting. It’s about who finishes the game, and clearly, the Mavs trust Exum. Harper called him “a special, special player.”

In a Bally Sports Southwest commentary, Harper explained the trust the coaches have in Exum. It’s about making plays and shots, especially in the fourth quarter. Exum’s calm demeanor on the court, Harper noted, is like having another coach out there.

Here’s a fun fact: Dallas is 7-1 this season when Exum scores 15 or more points. His 16 points off the bench against the Spurs? That’s the highest impact he’s made in points coming off the bench this season.

Exum’s shooting from beyond the arc has been phenomenal, hitting a career-high 50% efficiency. That’s a significant jump from his previous best of 35.1% during the 2019/20 season with the Cavaliers.

After the game, Exum was all about the team spirit. “It’s tough playing on the road, but we stick together as a team,” he said. He shrugged off any nerves, saying, “It’s just basketball. I’m just a competitor and want to win.”

Despite all the praise, Exum knows it’s a team game. He highlighted Luka’s role in facilitating when doubled. “It’s a team game. Luka is going to do what he does,” Exum assured. And that, folks, is the story of the Mavericks’ recent success. Teamwork, resilience, and a bit of Aussie magic from Dante Exum.

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