D’Angelo Russell Sets Lakers Season Record for 3-Pointers, Surpasses Nick Van Exel

‣ D’Angelo Russell set the Los Angeles Lakers‘ single-season record for most 3-pointers made, surpassing Nick Van Excel with 187 made 3-pointers during a win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

‣ Russell has achieved the single-season record for 3-pointers with two different franchises, the Nets and the Lakers, joining an exclusive group of players including Donovan Mitchell, Buddy Hield, and Paul George who have done so with multiple franchises.

‣ Throughout the season, Russell has maintained impressive statistics, including a career-best 42.3% from 3-point range, and with 12 games left in the regular season, he has the opportunity to surpass the 200 3-pointers mark.


D’Angelo Russell? Yeah, he just rewrote the history books for the Los Angeles Lakers. Friday night, he was on fire, setting a new single-season record for most 3-pointers. He outdid Nick Van Exel, which, let’s be honest, is no small feat.

Russell’s now sitting pretty at the top with 187 3-pointers. Van Exel’s right behind him with 183 from back in ’94-’95. Then you’ve got legends like Kobe Bryant and, well, Van Exel again, trailing behind. Chucky Atkins is in the mix too.

Oh, and there was this moment. A bird’s eye view of DLo’s record-smashing shot. The crowd went wild, and so did Twitter. The Lakers themselves couldn’t help but boast a little.

Russell’s been nailing it from downtown all season, hitting a career-best 42.4%. And guess what? He sunk his 184th three-pointer like it was nothing, right in the first quarter.

“It feels good,” Russell said, soaking in the moment. He’s over the moon to leave his mark on such a storied franchise. And he’s not done yet. He wants to set that bar sky-high for whoever dares to follow.

In that game? Russell was everywhere – scoring, rebounding, assisting. You name it, he did it, all in 37 minutes.

Here’s a kicker: D’Angelo Russell now holds the single-season 3-point record for not one, but two NBA teams. First, he lit up the scoreboard for the Brooklyn Nets. Now, he’s doing it for the Lakers.

Only a handful of players have ever achieved this with multiple franchises. We’re talking about elite company here, with the likes of Donovan Mitchell and Buddy Hield.

Russell’s humble, though. “This franchise is prestigious,” he said, grateful for his chance to shine. And shine he has, with an impressive season tally to show for it.

Through 65 games, Russell’s been a scoring machine, with averages that would make any player envious. His shooting percentages? Through the roof.

And he’s not just scoring. Russell’s dishing out assists and sinking threes like it’s his job. Well, it is his job, but you get what I mean.

With the season winding down, Russell’s eyeing the 200 3-point mark. And with the Lakers hosting Indiana next, who knows what’ll happen?

So, there you have it. D’Angelo Russell, making history one three-pointer at a time. What a season, huh?

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James Shotwell
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