Dallas Coach Jason Kidd Doubts Jayson Tatum as Celtics’ Best Player

After Dallas lost Game 1 to Boston, Jason Kidd made a surprising comment about the Celtics’ best player.

Jason Kidd’s Bold Claim

Kidd told reporters that he believes Jaylen Brown, not Jayson Tatum, is Boston’s top star. Some thought he was trying to stir up trouble within the Celtics’ team.

Players Respond Calmly

When asked about Kidd’s comments before Game 2, both Brown and Tatum dismissed it. “I don’t have no reaction,” said Brown. Tatum added, “This is a team sport. We wouldn’t be here without JB and many others.”

“I don’t think he’s lying,” Jrue Holiday commented on Kidd’s statement about Brown being the best player: https://twitter.com/TheDunkCentral/status/1799584798165307806?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Celtics Unfazed by Mind Games

Tatum mentioned that opponents have tried to divide them for years. “We’ve been in this position for many years of guys trying to divide us,” he said.

Despite losing badly last Thursday, some speculated Kidd was just trying to create drama with his remarks. He praised Jaylen for his defense and all-around play during Saturday’s press conference.

Sometimes I wonder if these mind games actually work or if they just make things more interesting for fans.

Kidd explained further why he thinks so highly of Jaylen: “He plays both sides at a high rate,” adding that Brown has been consistent throughout the playoffs.

Mazzulla Focuses on Team Unity

Boston coach Joe Mazzulla chose not to engage in any controversy stirred by the media or rival teams. He emphasized focusing on their game plan and relationships within the team.

“We need to focus on the truth,” Mazzulla stated. “Nobody knows what happens in our locker room except us.”

Both Tatum and Brown stayed focused on their roles rather than getting distracted by external comments. Jaylen noted their dedication: “We’ve all had to sacrifice.”

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