Coby White Discusses Potential NBA Most Improved Player Win: Its Significance

Chicago Bulls guard Coby White is a leading candidate for the NBA Most Improved Player award, expressing that winning would significantly highlight his progress and resilience in the face of doubt.

‣ White’s performance, including a career-high 37 points in a game against the Sacramento Kings, has significantly bolstered his case for the Most Improved Player award, showcasing his ability to contribute significantly to his team’s successes.

‣ Throughout the season, White has achieved career highs in various statistical categories, including points, rebounds, assists, and shooting percentages, making him a standout player and a key contributor to the Chicago Bulls.


Coby White, the Chicago Bulls guard, is in the spotlight. He’s a frontrunner for the NBA Most Improved Player this season. For him, this isn’t just any award. It’s a big deal.

“It would mean a lot to me,” White shared with NBC Sports Chicago. He’s all about showing progress. And not just for himself. He wants to inspire the younger guys in the NBA. You know, the ones people doubt and talk down about.

He believes in staying true to oneself. Work hard, stay humble, and good things will come. That’s his mantra.

According to various NBA betting sites, White’s right up there. Second only to Tyrese Haliburton for the Most Improved Player odds. And don’t forget Jalen Williams; he’s still in the mix with some decent odds.

Then there’s this tweet that just screams confidence: “COBY WHITE IS A BAD MAN.” It showcased his stunning performance: 37 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists, and a shooting spree of 14-19 FG. The Chicago Bulls were proud to share this moment from March 5, 2024.

White, at 24, played a crucial role in a memorable game. The Bulls were down by 22 points but managed to clinch a 113-109 victory over the Sacramento Kings. And guess what? White didn’t even shoot in the first quarter. But he ended up scoring a career-high 37 points. Talk about a turnaround!

“At this point in the season, it’s all about the wins,” White stated. He’s focused on stacking those wins, no matter how they come. The aesthetics of the game don’t matter to him. Winning is everything.

There’s chatter that Coby White could become the favorite to win the NBA Most Improved Player. Why? Well, he’s the first Bull to hit 37 points, five rebounds, seven assists, and one steal in a game with 70% shooting since Michael Jordan in 1990. That’s legendary company.

Moreover, the Bulls outdid the Kings 36-18 in the fourth quarter, breaking a four-game losing streak against them. White’s now got seven 30-point games this season. That matches his total from the previous four seasons combined.

“I was just trying to let the game come to me,” White remarked. He didn’t want to force anything. Just wanted to flow with the offense.

Here’s a tidbit that shows White’s winning mentality. When asked about his previous career high, he knew it was in Sacramento. But he was quick to note that he had zero turnovers that night, compared to three in the recent game. Always looking to improve, that’s White for you.

Through 61 games this season, all starts, White’s been on fire. He’s averaging career highs across the board: 19.6 points, 4.8 rebounds, 5.3 assists, and 36.7 minutes per game. His shooting has been more accurate than ever, both from the field and beyond the arc.

He leads the NBA with 2,241 minutes played. Plus, he’s up there in made 3-pointers, field goals missed, 3-point attempts, and games played. His player efficiency rating and true shooting percentage? Career highs as well.

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