Chris Wright: First NBA Player with Multiple Sclerosis Reflects

In the United States, one million people have multiple sclerosis (MS).

Chris Wright is a former NBA player who has been living with MS for over ten years and recently shared his journey on World MS Day, May 30.

First Signs of MS

Back in 2012, Chris noticed something strange. His right foot started tingling. Then, while shooting hoops, the sensation spread to his whole body within a minute. “As I was shooting, I felt a tingling sensation in my right hand that eventually spread throughout my entire body within a matter of a minute,” he said.

Diagnosis and Immediate Impact

His coaches sent him to the medical staff who told him to rest for the day. But things got worse overnight; by morning, he couldn’t walk or even stand up. A specialist quickly diagnosed him with MS.

Multiple sclerosis attacks the central nervous system and can mess with speech, vision, and movement. Chris saw many doctors before finding Dr. Crayton at the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Greater Washington.

“What led me to her was her confidence and her ability to simplify what it meant to have MS and make it manageable for me,” Chris explained. She helped him believe he could still live his life fully.

Dr. Crayton emphasized that managing MS is like running a marathon: “You need a team of people who support you, love you and accept you.”

Breaking Barriers in the NBA

Less than a year after being diagnosed, Chris signed with Dallas Mavericks and became the first NBA player with MS. He faced many challenges but never gave up: “I had NBA offers that were retracted because of my condition… but I kept working and overcame it.”

Life Beyond Basketball

Now retired from basketball, Chris is enjoying life as a husband and father of three kids. He feels healthier than ever: “Living with MS looks good; it feels good — I feel great.”

“I try to stay active… healthy… moving,” he advised others living with MS.

Sometimes we just need someone who believes in us

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