Charles Barkley: Phoenix’s long-standing desire to part with Deandre Ayton

‣ The Phoenix Suns traded Deandre Ayton, their former starting center, for Jusuf Nurkic.
‣ Charles Barkley believes that there were issues between Ayton and the Suns organization, leading to the trade.
‣ Barkley also believes that the Milwaukee Bucks, with Damian Lillard, are now the favorites to win the championship.


Suns legend Charles Barkley has weighed in on the recent trade that sent Deandre Ayton to the Portland Trail Blazers. Barkley believes that there were underlying issues between Ayton and the Suns organization, which led to the team wanting to get rid of him. While Barkley admits he is not upset with Phoenix’s decision, he believes that the Milwaukee Bucks, who acquired Damian Lillard in the trade, are now the favorites to win the championship.

Last year, the Suns had the opportunity to offer Ayton a lucrative contract extension but instead allowed him to enter restricted free agency. They later matched the offer sheet he received from the Indiana Pacers. Ayton recognized that basketball is a business and focused on remaining professional throughout the process.

Despite trading Ayton, the Suns have built a strong team around stars Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. They acquired Bradley Beal from the Wizards and added Frank Vogel as their head coach, known for his championship-winning mentality and defensive expertise. The team also brought in Yuta Wannabe and Eric Gordon to further bolster their roster.

The Arizona press is divided on whether trading Ayton was a good or bad move for the Suns. Some believe he may thrive in Portland, making the Suns regret their decision, while others think removing Ayton’s inconsistencies will benefit the team in the long run.

In conclusion, the trade involving Deandre Ayton has caused speculation and debate among fans and media alike. Charles Barkley and others have shared their opinions on the situation, with Barkley believing that the Bucks are now the team to beat. Only time will tell if the Suns’ decision to part ways with Ayton was the right move for their championship aspirations.

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