Cavaliers Aim for Donovan Mitchell’s Left Knee Recovery with PRP Injection

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell received a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection for a left knee bone bruise, classified as a “wear and tear” injury, and is expected to miss at least three games for recovery.

‣ The PRP treatment was chosen after Mitchell struggled to play through the injury, with hopes that it will restore his full strength and mobility, which were compromised by the pain and limitations of the bruise.

‣ Mitchell’s latest knee injury puts him at risk of being ineligible for an All-NBA team selection due to a new player participation policy that limits the number of games a player can miss and still qualify for the league’s top individual honors and awards.


Cleveland’s very own J.B. Bickerstaff dropped some news on Monday. It’s about Donovan Mitchell, the team’s veteran guard. He’s had a PRP injection for his left knee. Yeah, a platelet-rich plasma one. It’s all because of a bone bruise.

Now, this isn’t your ordinary injury. It’s from “wear and tear,” not a single moment of misfortune. After struggling on the court, the injection seemed like the best course of action. At least, that’s what they thought.

Bickerstaff, before a game against the Celtics, shared his thoughts. “You’re always concerned, but we’re hopeful,” he said. They clinched a 105-104 win that night, by the way, against the top team in the league.

Mitchell was trying, really trying, but it was tough. He couldn’t move as he wanted, couldn’t explode. It was clear as day. “Not a doctor,” Bickerstaff remarked, “but rest and this process should do the trick.”

The Cavs had to bench Mitchell for at least three games. That included clashes with Boston, Atlanta, and Minnesota. And after? A re-evaluation of his knee to see where things stand.

Bickerstaff hinted at a cautious approach. They’ll see how Mitchell’s knee fares, especially with contact, before making any decisions. It’s all about his health, after all.

There’s a bit of a cloud hanging over Mitchell, though. His chances for an All-NBA team spot could be slipping away. He’s already missed 16 games. One more, and he’s over the limit.

This policy isn’t new. It was set up to keep the league’s awards fair. And it’s not just about the All-NBA team but MVP and Defensive Player of the Year too.

Mitchell’s been solid this season, with averages that speak volumes. We’re talking 28 points per game, along with career highs in rebounds, assists, and steals. His shooting’s on point too.

Remember that game against the Nets? Mitchell was on fire. Forty-five points, twelve rebounds, and more. All in 40 minutes.

Next up for the Cavs, after this week, is a game against Phoenix. That’s happening on March 11. Just so you know.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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