Bucks Record 22-1 This Season with Damian Lillard Shooting 50% or Better

‣ The Milwaukee Bucks have a remarkable record this season in games where Damian Lillard shoots at least 50% overall, showcasing his significant impact on the team’s performance.
‣ Lillard’s defensive plays, particularly his late-game steals, have been crucial in securing victories for the Bucks, underscoring his ability to contribute significantly on both ends of the court.
‣ The synergy between Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo, with Lillard taking on a more prominent role in running the team, has been highlighted as a key factor in the Bucks’ success this season.


Oh, the Milwaukee Bucks! They’re on fire this season, especially when Damian Lillard is in the zone. Picture this: a whopping 22-1 record when Lillard’s shooting is 50% or better. Just last Thursday night, they bagged a 115-108 victory against the Brooklyn Nets. And guess what? Lillard was on fire, marking his third consecutive game with 30+ points.

Lillard, that eight-time All-Star guard, didn’t just stop there. He went 11-of-22 from the field. And from beyond the arc? He nailed 5-of-11 shots. Not to mention, he was perfect from the free-throw line, grabbed three rebounds, dished out 12 assists, and snagged two steals. All in a day’s work, right? And all that in just 37 minutes.

Now, here’s where it gets spicy. Lillard made two crucial steals towards the game’s end. The first one? Oh, it was a beauty that led to the winning basket. This was right after the Nets had clawed back from a 20-point deficit. Talk about a rollercoaster!

The Bucks and Lillard this season have been something else. We’re talking a 3-0 record when Dame scores 40+ points. And when he crosses the 30-point mark? A solid 16-2. The man’s not just scoring; he’s making the whole team shine.

Lillard himself said, “I might not be known for my defense, but when it counts, I’m there.” And boy, has he shown it. Over his last three games, he’s been averaging 31 points and 11.3 assists. Clutch, much?

And then there was that moment. Lillard steals the ball, finds Malik Beasley open, and boom – a corner 3-pointer that pushed the Bucks ahead 106-101 with just 1:37 left on the clock. But he wasn’t done. Lillard then went on to score the next five points, sealing the deal with a 3-pointer with only 41 seconds to go.

Bucks coach Doc Rivers couldn’t stop praising Lillard. “Phenomenal,” he said, talking about Lillard’s defensive game that night. It’s clear Lillard’s competitive spirit was shining bright.

This win wasn’t just any win. It marked the Bucks’ first season sweep of the Nets since the 2016-2017 season. Plus, it was their fifth consecutive home win. They’re now sitting pretty with a 28-6 record at Fiserv Forum and 45-25 overall.

Rivers had more to say, especially about Lillard’s role. “He’s got the ball more, and it shows. Running the team with Giannis? It’s a good mix,” he noted.

The Bucks have been unstoppable at home since the All-Star break. Their last loss at Fiserv Forum? That was way back on Feb. 13 against the Miami Heat. And Lillard? Well, he had an off night, shooting just 35.7% from the floor.

But let’s not forget, even the best have off nights. Milwaukee’s only loss this season, when Lillard shot 50% or better, was at Boston. Even then, Lillard was impressive, shooting over 50% from the floor and 60% from deep.

To wrap it up, the Bucks’ record speaks volumes. A perfect 3-0 when Lillard scores 40+ points, 16-2 for 30+ points, 27-5 for 25+ points, and 9-2 when he’s dishing out 10+ assists. What a season it’s been!

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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