Bronny James misses first USC practice: Coach Enfield gives positive update.

‣ Bronny James, the son of LeBron James, missed his first USC practice as he continues to recover from cardiac arrest.
‣ USC coach Andy Enfield says Bronny James is doing well and excelling in school.
‣ Bronny James’ cardiac arrest was caused by a congenital heart defect, but the James family is confident in his full recovery and return to basketball.


Bronny James, the 18-year-old son of LeBron James, was absent from USC’s first basketball practice on Monday as he continues to recover from a cardiac arrest he experienced in July. USC coach Andy Enfield provided an update on Bronny’s condition, stating, “Bronny’s doing very well. But we just can’t comment on anything medically. He’s going to class and doing extremely well in school, and we’re really excited for him.”

In July, Bronny James suffered a sudden cardiac arrest during a basketball practice and was immediately taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he spent a day in the ICU before being discharged two days later. In August, the James family revealed that Bronny had been diagnosed with congenital heart defect as the probable cause of his cardiac arrest. A spokesperson for the family expressed confidence that Bronny will be able to return to basketball in the near future.

Despite his absence, Bronny James is expected to be a valuable part of USC’s basketball team. Coach Andy Enfield emphasized that Bronny’s commitment to winning and strong bond with his teammates makes him an exceptional teammate. While there is no specific timeline for his return, Enfield is excited to work with Bronny and believes he will contribute significantly once he is back on the court.

USC’s basketball season is set to begin on November 6, and it is expected that Bronny James will have fully recovered and be ready to play at full strength by then. The 6-foot-4 guard’s return to the team will be eagerly anticipated by both his teammates and fans as they look forward to his contributions on the court.

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