Bronny James Discusses Challenges of Being LeBron’s Son

It’s never easy being the child of a legend, especially when you want to follow in their footsteps.

Bronny James Opens Up About Challenges

Bronny James, 19, recently declared for the 2024 NBA Draft despite a rough freshman year at USC. He shared how tough it is to grow up in his dad’s shadow. "A lot of criticism gets thrown my way," he said. "They don’t know what I’ve been through… I just try to make the best of the opportunities given to me."

Deciding to Go Pro

One big question Bronny faced was why he chose to go pro after just one college season. He explained that happiness guided his decision: "My mom always told me, ‘take me where my heart wants me to be,’ and I found happiness in what I’m doing right now."

Playing 25 games for USC, he averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game with shooting percentages of 36.6% from the field and 26.7% from three-point range.

"I’ve decided to enter the NBA Draft while keeping my college eligibility and will also enter the NCAA transfer portal," he announced last month.

Other Sports Interests

When asked if basketball was his only sport interest, Bronny revealed he’s tried others too: "I played soccer but wasn’t allowed to play football because my mom didn’t allow it." Yet basketball remained his favorite.

We all have those moments when we find our true passion.

Mixed Reviews from Scouts

Scouts had mixed feelings about Bronny’s performance at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago last week. An anonymous NBA general manager told The Ringer that “Bronny is nowhere near ready” and suggested he return to school for further development instead of risking getting lost in professional ranks.

LeBron’s Perspective

LeBron expressed a desire last year to play alongside his son but later said during February’s NBA All-Star Game Weekend that he’d rather let Bronny make his own decisions without any pressure.

Last month, Bronny reflected on a challenging year marked by a cardiac arrest last summer that slowed down his freshman start: “I’ve had ups and downs but all added growth for me as a man, student, and athlete,” he shared on social media

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