Austin Reaves: Lakers Boast NBA’s Best Roster

– The Lakers are hyped for the upcoming season after making it to the Western Conference Finals last season and maintaining their core of players.
– Austin Reaves believes the Lakers now possess the most talented roster in the league and that they will have time to build chemistry and tighten their game.
– Reaves admitted that he considered playing alongside Victor Wembanyama on the Spurs, but ultimately wanted to stay with the Lakers due to the organization, fans, and fit.


The Lakers are coming into the upcoming season with a lot of hype, and it’s easy to see why when you consider how they ended last season. Making it to the Western Conference Finals and only losing to the eventual champions is no small feat. The team’s administration decided to keep their core of players intact for the new season, which is a promising sign for their future success.

One of the standout players from last season was Austin Reaves, who many believe is the third most influential player on the roster. With the addition of players like Christian Wood, Gabe Vincent, and Taurean Prince this summer, Reaves believes that the Lakers now have the most talented squad in the league. He acknowledges that their success last season may have seemed “fluky,” but after the trade deadline, they had one of the best records in the league.

Reaves is confident that the team’s chemistry will improve this season, as they now have the time to develop their bond on and off the court. He cites the Denver Nuggets as an example of a team that had great chemistry, which ultimately led them to last season’s title. With the opportunity to learn and grow together during training camp, Reaves believes that the Lakers will be able to elevate their game to another level.

The Lakers’ front office made some impressive trade moves during the summer, bringing in several talented players. Reaves is excited about the new additions and believes that the team has the most talented roster in the league. He praises the organization and the opportunity to build a strong foundation with his teammates.

While Reaves did consider the possibility of playing for the Spurs, he ultimately decided to re-sign with the Lakers. He admits that the Lakers made it clear they would match any offer he received. Ultimately, Reaves wanted to be in LA and appreciates the fit and opportunity that the team offers. He may not have gotten as much money as he wanted, but the four-year $53.8 million contract with a player option in the final season is still a great outcome for him.

In conclusion, the Lakers are entering the new season with high expectations. With the core of last year’s successful team intact and the addition of talented players, the Lakers believe they have the most talented roster in the league. Austin Reaves is excited about the opportunity to improve team chemistry and build a strong foundation with his teammates. While he briefly considered playing for the Spurs, Reaves ultimately decided to re-sign with the Lakers and is happy with the fit and opportunity they offer him. It remains to be seen if the Lakers can live up to the hype and compete for a championship, but they certainly have the pieces in place to make a strong run.

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