Anthony Davis First NBA Player to Achieve 27-25-5-7-3 Stat Line in Game

‣ Anthony Davis became the first NBA player to achieve at least 27 points, 25 rebounds, five assists, seven steals, and three blocks in a single game, marking a historic performance in the Lakers’ victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.
‣ Davis’s performance included a career-high seven steals, the most by a Lakers player since December 2015, and his 25 rebounds were the most by a Lakers player since January 2013.
‣ Despite playing with left shoulder soreness, Davis managed to accomplish this feat a day before his 31st birthday, also tying his career-high average of 12.5 rebounds this season.


Anthony Davis, the center for the Los Angeles Lakers, did something no NBA player has before. In Sunday night’s game, he scored 27 points, grabbed 25 rebounds, and added a mix of assists, steals, and blocks. The final score? A 120-109 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

His seven steals? A personal best. Plus, it’s the most a Lakers player has snagged since Lou Williams back in December 2015. And he was just one rebound away from tying his career high.

Here’s a fun fact: Davis’s 25 rebounds are the most by a Laker since Dwight Howard in 2013. Oh, and all this happened right before he turned 31.

Betting sites are buzzing. They’ve placed Davis fifth in the race for NBA Defensive Player of the Year. He’s trailing behind big names like Rudy Gobert and Bam Adebayo.

A tweet from Basketball Reference put it simply: Davis’s performance was mind-blowing. They’ve never seen stats like this in a single game before.

“It was right before my birthday, so it counts, right?” Davis joked. For the first time, he got to celebrate at home, on his actual birthday.

In the second half alone, Davis grabbed 21 rebounds. This helped the Lakers overpower the Timberwolves in the fourth quarter. Their victory marked the 12th win in 17 games.

Davis is on fire this season, tying his career-high average of 12.5 rebounds per game. “When we’re having fun, our confidence soars,” he said. The team thrives on trash talk and accountability.

Only eight players have managed at least 25 points, 25 rebounds, and five assists in a game since 1982-83. Last season, MVP favorite Nikola Jokic was one of them.

Lakers guard Austin Reaves couldn’t believe it. “Ten offensive rebounds is crazy,” he said. Davis’s presence meant second chances and more points. And those seven steals? “Very, very impressive.”

Another tweet celebrated Davis’s unique achievement. He’s the first with over 25 points, 25 rebounds, and five steals in a game since steals became an official stat.

What makes this feat even more impressive? Davis played through injury. He was questionable before the game due to shoulder soreness from a recent collision.

“I felt it at times,” Davis admitted about his shoulder. Yet, he’s still pushing through.

This season, Davis has been unstoppable. He’s started all 62 games, averaging 24.8 points and 12.5 rebounds. His shooting accuracy? Stellar.

Next up, the Lakers face the Sacramento Kings. It’s a closely matched game, with both teams fighting hard this season.

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