Andrew Wiggins Returns to Warriors vs. Bucks After Missing Four Games

‣ Andrew Wiggins has been absent from NBA games due to personal issues but is set to return to the Golden State Warriors for the game against the Bucks, having missed four-straight games.

‣ Wiggins has been dealing with unresolved personal matters but stayed in communication with the team’s coach and head trainer during his absence. His return is anticipated to boost the team’s performance, despite Golden State managing a 3-1 record in his absence.

‣ The importance of players’ personal lives over their professional commitments is highlighted, with Warriors coach Steve Kerr expressing support for Wiggins’ need to be with his family. Former NBA champion Danny Green also comments on the situation, hoping fans will remain patient with Wiggins during this difficult time.


Andrew Wiggins, yeah, that guy’s been off the radar for a bit. Four games, to be exact, all because of some personal stuff he’s been dealing with. But hey, looks like he’s making a comeback this Wednesday night against the Bucks. He’s been spotted getting back into the groove at training this week.

So, the dude flew back to California on Monday. Family matters, you know? He had to be there for a whole week. By Tuesday, he was already hitting the team facilities, diving into practice like he never left. His coach seems pretty stoked, saying he’s all set to jump back into the fray.

Wiggins himself was like, “I had to take care of what I had to take care of.” Family first, right? But now, he’s all, “I’m back here with the team and ready to get to it.” Straight from the horse’s mouth after that first practice session since his return.

And then there’s this tweet floating around: “Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins to return vs. Bucks on Wednesday.” It’s kinda official when it hits social media, isn’t it?

But, get this, the whole reason he had to step away hasn’t been totally squared away yet. Still, Wiggins is taking it one step at a time. Despite the unknowns, he stayed in touch with Coach Kerr and head team trainer Rick Celebrini. Communication is key, folks.

While Wiggins was out, the Warriors weren’t exactly slouching. They bagged three wins out of four games. Only hiccup? A brutal 52-point loss to the Celtics. Ouch. This upcoming game against Milwaukee marks his return to the home turf in the Bay Area. And guess what? Coach already confirmed he’s back in the starting lineup. But let’s not forget Moses Moody. The kid stepped up big time in Wiggins’ absence, earning some high praise and more minutes on the court.

Kerr had some deep thoughts on the whole situation. “I don’t care about the basketball. Life is way more important than the game,” he said. It’s all about being there for your family when they need you, basketball can wait.

After playing 51 games this season, Wiggins has been pulling in an average of 12.7 points and 4.3 rebounds over 27.2 minutes per game. Not too shabby, right?

Now, onto something a bit different. Danny Green, yeah, the three-time NBA champ, he chimed in on Wiggins’ situation during the *Steiny & Guru* show. He reckons Andrew hasn’t quite hit his stride yet and hopes the fans will keep the faith. It’s tough, Green admits, especially when you’re in the dark about a teammate’s situation, like he was with Kawhi Leonard back in the day. But empathy and sensitivity are key. Here’s hoping the fans stick with Wiggins through thick and thin.

And it’s not the first rodeo for Wiggins when it comes to personal leave. Last season, right before the playoffs, he missed 25 games. Rumor had it, it was something to do with his dad’s health. But the team’s kept it under wraps, keeping the details private.

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